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Accelerate Weight Loss by Eating This Properly Every Day

accelerate weight loss

If someone told you there is a way to accelerate weight loss, would you be interested? There is a way to lose weight faster, and it has to do with nutrition. Daily nutrition for women over 40 to lose fat and tone muscles doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s as simple as goals + protein. Too often we think weight loss means eat less when actually it means eat more, just make sure they are the RIGHT foods.

Whey Protein

Whey Consumption 

Whey protein is best to be consumed after a whole food meal to maximize muscle growth. Don’t mistake it for muscle growth as a bodybuilder. For women over 40, if we haven’t maintained a high level of fitness, our muscles have naturally atrophied and must be rebuilt for better health, fewer injuries and a higher metabolism for a higher calorie burn.

Whole food – Food that has minimal processing, in a natural state

Daily Nutritional Protein Plan to Accelerate Weight Loss

accelerate weight loss

Depending on your body type, how much fat loss and muscle toning you need, your nutritional plan will vary. Below is a general idea for an average overweight person to accelerate weight loss while in an exercise program such as Fit Found Me’s Weight Loss Program.

Breakfast – Choose a clean, whole food meal such as oatmeal & eggs coupled with a protein shake or smoothie.

By consuming the whey protein (ideally whey isolates) with a whole food meal, a nice trickle of amino acids is started to repair and rebuild the muscles used in your daily workouts.

Snack 2-3 hours later

Choose a snack with some casein protein. The timing will allow amino acids to drop enough so that when casein is consumed, a productive spike for weight loss will occur without protein breakdown.

Examples of casein would be: greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk. Of course, you can also choose a casein protein supplement for a quick shake or smoothie.

Lunch – Make sure to load up on the veggies in addition to choosing a food with 10-20g of protein.

Snack again 2-3 hours – Some ideas would be: almonds, fruit, cheese, greek yogurt, small salad, protein bar, nut butter, hard boiled egg, etc.

Dinner – I always include a dark green leaf salad for our dinners. Combined with a veggie plus some quick and easy meat such as fish, chicken breast, ground turkey, and yes, beef about once a week.

Bedtime or evening snack – Quite the debate when researched. There are a lot of opinions on the pros and cons of an evening snack. I believe if you’re hungry, eat a snack with casein protein that will keep the amino acids working in your favor for many hours. Again, those foods with casein are: greek yogurt, cottage cheese, milk or you could make a casein protein shake.

[tweetthis]One serving of casein before bedtime will assist in weight loss and protein synthesis.[/tweetthis]

The great news is you don’t starve yourself in losing weight. By eating the right foods, you stay comfortably satisfied while losing the extra pounds. (Additional tips for losing weight)

I highly recommend using some type of food tracker that includes macros (protein, fats & carbs) such as MyFitnessPal.

Eat clean foods combined with the right amount of protein to accelerate weight loss.

Be sure to check out, Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Use Protein for Weight Loss to learn more about the different protein and how to use it to lose weight.

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