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Burn More Calories by Adding This to Your Strength Training Session

burn more calories
Strength training is an essential part of losing fat by increasing metabolism and toning muscles. Everyone wants to burn more calories. There’s a necessary component to weight loss that you could be missing and here’s how to make your workout complete.

Lifting weights is an essential part of weight loss that women often avoid for fear of bulking up too much. Women over 40 typically have lost so much muscle tone which slows down metabolism, thus making it almost impossible to lose weight.

Regular strength training is required to return to a more youthful state of muscle composition which in turn will increase metabolism also.

In addition to the strength training, our bodies need a cardio workout that will burn more calories. Many trainers are utilizing cardio finishers that contribute to body fat loss.

What is a Cardio Finisher & How It Will Burn More Calories

burn more calories

A cardio finisher is exactly that, a cardio workout at the end of your strength training workout. By adding this cardio exercise at the end of your workout, you are able to be in prime shape for the strength training to reduce risk for injury.

No worries though, it isn’t another 30 min of your day. [tweetthis]The cardio finisher can be 4 min to 20 min depending on what you choose. #weightloss #burncalories[/tweetthis]

A cardio finisher should be a HIIT workout of your choice rather than an exercise at a steady paced. A HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) can be almost any activity you choose as long as it gets your heart rate up.

The benefits of a HIIT workout is that it will burn more calories for up to 24 hours after your workout through the science of EPOC. Metabolism is not a stationary rate throughout the day. It fluctuates depending on nutrition and exercise. The excessive oxygen consumption during and after a HIIT has been proven to increase metabolism and therefore, increasing the rate of weight loss. (1)

EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

Make sure to choose an activity you are comfortable doing to take the learning curve out. This exercise should be mindless so you can focus on exerting the last bit of energy you have to burn more calories.

Start with a 1:3 ratio, 20 seconds sprinting, 60 seconds slower to catch your breathe. Try to increase stamina to a 1:2 and later a 2:1 work/rest ratio, repeating 4 to 8 times depending on your stamina.

Benefits of the Cardio Finisher

By taking a few minutes after your resistance or strength training workout for a 10-12 min HIIT, you are able to have a more complete exercise regimen to maximize weight loss efforts. A complete exercise regimen should consist of both strength training as well as cardio along with healthy nutrition.

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