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8 Foolproof Tips to Prevent Weight Gain While on Vacation

Weight gain while on vacation is almost as bad as a rainy vacation. Vacation eating habits can be detrimental to the healthy habits you’ve worked so diligently to create.

weight gain while on vacation

I am frequently disappointed at the limited number of healthy items on menus when dining out. Then, of course, on top of that, the high fat, high carb meals are so dang enticing, it is really hard to choose healthy!

Over Spring Break, we took a mini family vacation to Los Angeles and met my daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren there for some fun! 

Healthy Vacation Tips: Workout & Nutrition

Vacations are great, even while staying true to your weight loss and healthy goals!

If driving, keep your refillable water bottle with you. When you stop for food or make a pitstop, you can refill it with ice and water at the soda station. Or, if you have room, pack a cooler with water.

There are some snacks that are really easy to travel with, especially if you have a cooler. We like to take fruit, raw veggies, protein bars, food for the kids (it helps reduce drive through visits), sandwiches, even protein/meal replacement powder or shakes.

healthy traveling

Healthy snacks & water

Those same snacks are easily kept in a hotel refrigerator to prevent late night ice cream runs or arriving at dinner too hungry to make a healthy choice.

Speaking of dinner, consider splitting a meal with someone. Most of the time, you will find half is more than enough to fill you up.

Perhaps make a deal with yourself. Allow yourself 1 small portion splurge a day, within reason, to keep yourself from overindulging. Or, if you are really good, only allow yourself that 1 splurge if you were able to get some exercise in that day.

If you are driving for long distances, sitting in the car for hours and hours can wreak havoc on your daily calories burned.

Consider heading to the hotel workout room if even for a treadmill walk, or better yet, walk around your destination to enjoy the scenery while burning some much needed calories. If possible, walk to and from the restaurant.

Workouts on vacation. In a perfect world, we would all get our daily workouts in, even during vacation. I personally know this isn’t always possible.

There are ways we can be prepared by removing some of the obstacles hindering workouts on vacation. We live in the age of technology and mobility.

There are some great online workouts that require no equipment and only the space of a small hotel room. This is a great one to try- 30 Min Indoor No Equipment Workout

There are even some very beneficial workouts that only take a few short minutes. You can’t beat a 7 min HIIT – 7 Min Full Body Workout

Bring your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone along and presto, you are workout ready. Of course, pack your gym clothes!

As you are out and about on your daily adventures, make sure to bring along some healthy snacks.

It helps to eat a little something every few hours and will help prevent an impulsive decision you will likely regret later.

Preventing weight gain while on vacation is completely doable! If prepared, you can come home from vacation proud of yourself for not blowing your diet and pick up right where you left off before you left. 

Have some tips to prevent weight gain while on vacation? Please share in the comments below!

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