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14 Day Bootcamp Challenge to a Healthy Lifestyle


This quickstart challenge is for the women who want to know the right foods to eat, but without a set meal plan to follow. Quickly learn how to put together your own healthy meals and snacks, along with so many other important healthy principles to create a balanced healthy lifestyle. And…all in 14 days!

Through daily emails, I will share some habits and principles you can start tomorrow morning that when used consistently, you WILL lose weight. You’ll get assignments along the way to implement immediately along with help from me via email if you have any questions. This is a great way to jump right in to start transforming your life! Read more details below…

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It seemed like I looked in the mirror one day when I was 41 and I was 35+lbs overweight overnight. Want to know the key tricks that led me to lose weight, keeping it off and feeing better than ever before? If you are a woman over 40, struggling to lose weight with not really knowing what to do, this challenge is for you.

I have helped thousands of women just like you lose weight after program after program didn’t work for them. I have created simple ways to fit “healthy” in your busy life. 

Stop wasting time and money on programs that just don’t “fit” into your life. Implement the habits and principles that will conform to your life so you can create the long-term healthy lifestyle you desire.

After completing this 14-day challenge, you will know/receive:

  • How properly track and use macros for weight loss and more energy
  • A macros training guide
  • How to put together quick, easy, healthy meals
  • Video walkthrough of my pantry with me explaining the whys and seeing my “staples”
  • How you can enjoy carbs while losing weight and then maintaining 
  • How to keep the weight loss process simple enough to follow without giving up
  • Motivation to push through changing habits
  • How to increase hydration properly
  • What kind of exercise should you be doing?
  • How to plan your food and days to include your health goals
  • And more!


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