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21 Day Keto Challenge + Meal Plan


This challenge pack is everything you need to lose weight fast on keto. Whether you are a short-term keto or lifestyle keto, this is a great meal plan pack!

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Losing weight after 40 can be difficult without the right nutrition such as having guidelines and limits on what to eat. Whether you are planning to do keto long-term or not, a short keto challenge can help suppress unhealthy food cravings and balance macros. 

This keto challenge has everything you need!

You’ll get guidance on what you need to do every day via an email

Weekly shopping lists

Recipe book

Success manual (directions for keto and guidance to make the most of the challenge)

Goal tracker

Daily food plan

Transition plan for after the challenge to return to moderate carbs

And so much more! 

Visit the Keto Challenge page for additional info if you have more questions. 

Many people have used this challenge to “reset” their body for getting back on track, then transition to a more moderate carb diet.