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McD’s Double Quarter Pounder Recipe 

Are you craving a mouthwatering burger experience but want to keep it keto-friendly? Look no further than this ingenious twist on the classic McD’s Double Quarter Pounder. Perfect for those moments when you’re torn between convenience and sticking to your low-carb lifestyle, this recipe delivers all the flavor without the guilt. Let’s dive into how to recreate this keto delight at home!

McD’s Double Quarter Pounder

McD’s Double Quarter Pounder

Indulge in the savory satisfaction of a McDonald’s favorite transformed into a keto-friendly delight.


  • Double quarter pounder patties (without bun or ketchup)
  • Keto-friendly bread (such as @heb pro keto bread)
  • Butter


  1. Toast the keto-friendly bread slices in a frying pan with butter until golden brown.
  2. Meanwhile, heat the double quarter-pounder patties in a separate pan until warmed through.
  3. Once the bread is toasted to perfection, place a generous amount of butter on each slice.
  4. Sandwich the heated patties between the buttery slices of keto bread.
  5. Serve hot and enjoy the indulgent flavors of a classic burger, keto-style.

Breakdown of Ingredients and Average Carb Content

  • Double quarter pounder patties: 0g carbs
  • Keto-friendly bread: Varies by brand but typically ranges from 1-4g net carbs per slice
  • Butter: 0g carbs

Average carb content for this recipe: 1-8g net carbs, depending on the bread used.

Dig In!

Satisfy your cravings for a classic burger experience while staying true to your keto lifestyle with this simple yet delicious recipe. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a satisfying dinner, the McD’s Double Quarter Pounder (Patty Melt Style) is sure to become a staple in your keto repertoire. So fire up those frying pans and get ready to savor every bite guilt-free!

Recipe and Image By: @patrickmaese

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Olga Reichel

Friday 5th of April 2024

Fantastic read! I was especially impressed by the depth provided on the topic, offering a perspective I hadn't considered. Your insight adds significant value to the conversation. For future articles, it would be fascinating to explore more to dive deeper into this subject. Could you also clarify more about the topic? It caught my interest, and I'd love to understand more about it. Keep up the excellent work!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.