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Keto Reuben Rolls Recipe

Who said you have to give up your favorite deli classics on a keto diet? Our Keto Reuben Rolls are here to bring the delightful flavors of a traditional Reuben sandwich into your low-carb lifestyle. Perfect for a cozy night in, a novel lunch option, or even as a hit appetizer at your next gathering, these rolls pack all the punch of the classic sandwich with none of the carb guilt. Imagine the savory corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, and creamy cheese all wrapped up in a crispy, keto-friendly flatbread. It’s a culinary adventure that’s both satisfying and keto-compliant!

Keto Reuben Rolls

A deliciously easy and keto-friendly take on the classic Reuben sandwich!


  • 2 cups warm shredded corn beef
  • 1 cup Sauerkraut, drained and excess liquid squeezed out
  • 4 slices Swiss or provolone deli cheese
  • Brown mustard
  • 2 sheets of keto-friendly flatbreads, cut in half
  • 1 tbsp cream cheese
  • Avocado oil for frying
  • Thousand Island dressing for dipping


  1. Place one slice of cheese in the center of each flatbread half.
  2. Evenly distribute the shredded corn beef and sauerkraut among the flatbreads. Add a small squirt of brown mustard on top.
  3. Roll up each flatbread burrito-style, ensuring the sides are tucked in. Use a bit of cream cheese to seal each roll.
  4. In a pan, fry the rolls in avocado oil on all sides until golden brown, approximately 2 minutes. Be vigilant as they crisp up quickly.
  5. Drain the rolls on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Cut diagonally and serve with Thousand Island dressing.

Breakdown of Ingredients and Average Carb Content

Let’s explore the carb count of our Keto Reuben Rolls, making sure they fit perfectly into your keto diet.

  • Shredded Corn Beef: 0g carbs per serving
  • Sauerkraut: 1g carbs per cup
  • Swiss/Provolone Cheese: <1g carbs per slice
  • Brown Mustard: <1g carbs per tablespoon
  • Keto-Friendly Flatbreads: Carb count varies by brand, often <3g per flatbread
  • Cream Cheese: 1g carbs per tablespoon
  • Thousand Island Dressing: 2g carbs per tablespoon (varies by brand)

The total carb count will vary based on the amounts and specific brands used, but it’s designed to be keto-friendly and low in carbs.

Rolling in Flavor and Health

Our Keto Reuben Rolls are more than just a low-carb treat; they’re a testament to how you can enjoy classic flavors without breaking your dietary goals. With this recipe, you’re not only indulging in a delicious meal but also taking a step towards healthier eating habits. These rolls are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the rich flavors of a Reuben without the carbs.

Try them out and watch as they quickly become a beloved staple in your keto recipe repertoire!

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