Exercises Throughout Your Day to Get Rid of Your Mom Butt

Even if you are doing regular workouts, it’s likely your butt needs some extra attention to be lifted and toned once you reach that midlife madness era. I don’t claim it’s a one and done exercise to get a round booty, but a combination of exercises and routines will surely do the trick. And, let’s face it. We are busy as heck and don’t have 2 hours to spend in the gym every day. So, we do little bits here and there.

Adding in a few extra exercises while I would otherwise be standing around doing things like washing dishes or waiting for dinner to cook is a pretty easy thing for me to do and think you will agree.


best exercises for getting rid of mom butt


These exercises can be done all around the house. While you are brushing your teeth, cooking dinner, on the phone, waiting for your water bottle to fill, anytime you are standing still – work in an exercise or two!

How did I get a Mom Butt?

One way to help get rid of the mom butt is to know how you got it to begin with. As we age, our muscles tend to tighten in some areas and stretch in others. You are probably like most of us, you sit a lot. Sitting down a lot has so many negative effects on our health and muscles. Getting up every hour for even just a couple of minutes to walk around will help.

Let’s get to it! Operation get rid of your mom butt starts now!

I do the following exercises whenever I think about it, all around the house. These exercises can easily be done while doing things like brushing teeth and washing dishes. Do them for about 30-60 seconds each side, rotating through. By doing all of these, you will target all 3 of the muscle groups of the butt. Make sure to engage your glute muscles and core with every exercise.

1- Standing Leg Lift – Lift the right leg to your side, turning your toe slightly in, to the floor, raising your leg
about knee high while keeping your core tight. Perfect activity while dinner is simmering on the stove!

2- Standing Leg Lift Shortened – Same as above except this time movement will be the highest point and halfway down for a short pulsed movement.

mom butt exercises to lift and shape butt


3- Passe` – Standing on one foot, raise one leg, bend and place foot behind knee at an angle. With short pulse movements, move leg up and back.

4- Arabesque– With one leg behind you, toe resting on the floor, lift leg at a slight angle up and out. This isn’t a directly straight back leg lift. Think of a graceful ballet dancer when performing this exercise.

5 – Squats – Using different variations you can add in some squats while brushing your teeth, waiting for water to boil, etc.

These are the exercises I do throughout the day as I am working around the house. You will be surprised how these add up to a great workout.

Want more of a structured workout?

A 30-day challenge could help you focus on targeted success.

Also, you can switch things up with totally different workouts that all help to tone and lift the booty.

Remember when I said make exercise a part of your life? It works. Always be looking for opportunities to engage your muscles.

A forgotten muscle is a weak muscle.

These exercises, along with a good cardio program and good nutrition will get rid of the mom butt.



mom butt




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