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11 Beginner Challenges and Workouts for Lazy People

We all feel lazy from time to time, especially when trying to start exercising at 40, 50, or beyond. Workouts for lazy people are good for anyone needing to start exercising for better health. All of these workouts can be done at home, which already removes one of the biggest obstacles to traveling to a gym.

group of women walking on walking path outside

This post will answer your question, “How to start exercising when you’re lazy,” by giving some great beginner workouts and challenges to get from couch potato to fit.

Laziness affects us all at some point, some for longer and more pervasively than others, but that’s okay. Exercise is a journey, and it is not one size fits all, so together, we will compile some options for those who are trying to break out of their lazy habits and replace them with healthier alternatives.

Why Should a Lazy Person Workout? 

If you are a self-proclaimed lazy individual, you should still workout for a majority of reasons. Specifically for your health, exercising has many benefits outside of possible weight loss and muscle gains.

Exercising regularly can help increase those feel-good endorphins that stabilize moods and give you more “happy chemicals.” Exercising regularly can also help to lessen the effects of stress by pushing your body and flexing your fight or flight responses in a practical way. Working out helps relieve stress and allows you to release frustrations in a healthy way. For those “lazy individuals” reading this, it also helps to pump up your motivation and get your cardiovascular system pumping. 

This means the more you exercise, the more your body will begin to focus and help you have clearer thoughts, which could help a lot in the case of trying to switch from a sedentary to a more active lifestyle.

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Exercising also helps keep your muscles stretched and healthy, and overall, it gives you a sense of control over a schedule and helps to add a regimen and routine that may be lacking in your everyday life.

Does Exercise Help Reduce Laziness? 

While exercise itself will not cure that sluggish feeling we all get, it does help provide more structure and give you a routine to build upon in your everyday life. If you don’t have a concrete daily schedule, starting to build one with an exercise routine is a great way to try to shake yourself out of some lazy habits.

The Best Exercises & Workouts for Lazy People 

Get started today with some great beginner workouts and challenges that will get you from couch potato to fit.


two ladies walking away with close up of legs and shoes

Walking may not seem like a typical exercise choice, but it is a great low pressure and easy way for people who may feel less motivated or lazy to get a slow start into the world of regimented exercising! The best part? No fancy workout clothes are needed! Just take a walk at the end of the day and you will be shocked at how much better you will begin to feel.

Walking is a simple yet effective way to get all the benefits of cardio and other exercises. With this 30-day walking challenge, you can begin to build a simple routine, and by the end of it, you will be in better shape and in better spirits about shifting your routine from less active to active!

30 Day Plank Challenge

woman over 40 doing core workout plank

Another easy exercise challenge to help introduce people who are less motivated to feeling the burn is this 30-day planking challenge. Planking is a very simple, core-building exercise that can be done at home!

So, even if you choose to relax and be “lazy” for the rest of the day, the planking challenge is a quick and easy way to test yourself and keep building on your core strength, and by the end of it, you may be surprised how easy it was and will be looking for the next exercise to add to your daily activities.

30 Day Arm Challenge

exercises for underarm fat with lady holding dumbbell

If you are trying to find a simple but targeted exercise to add to your routine with minimal motivation, then you should try this 30-day arm challenge. This exercise will require you to use a resistance band, with the option to use weights for added benefit, but it can also be done in your own living room.

The included videos and instructions are simple yet effective in giving your arms the attention they deserve, and at the end of the 30 days, you are sure to find that you have more confidence in your arms’ strength and in your ability to stick to your new exercise journey.

30-day Butt and Leg Challenge

changes to lose weight

Those of us who may be new to the exercise world may find that they are not sure what to focus on first, but with this 30-day butt and leg challenge, you can target your lower half and take the first steps to improve the look and strength of your legs, with the added perk of making your butt look toned. 

This exercise challenge includes easy and basic lunges and squats for beginners to get right into the workout routine and begin to challenge themselves on their journey to fitness.

4-week Strength Training Challenge

woman lifting dumbbells doing bicep exercises

For the average “lazy” non-exercise inclined person, the thought of doing anything on a routine basis for 4 weeks, let alone exercising consistently for 4 weeks, may seem like a lot to ask. 

But, I’m here to let you know that it can be done, and it only starts with a single step! This 4-week strength training challenge is perfect for those who want a full-body workout routine to follow, but still don’t want to get too wild in the world of exercise. 

With easy-to-follow instructions and day-by-day planning, you can just reference this challenge and begin to work your way towards a strength training goal. This is a good challenge because, while it adds in many different exercises and elements, it still remains a good option for those who can get overwhelmed by the idea of regimented activities.

5 Beginner Treadmill Workouts

treadmill and other equipment in a home gym

Treadmill workouts can be a great way to get extra steps in daily, get your heart rate up, and get into the habit of regular exercise. Choose between 5 different beginner treadmill workouts to get started.

Treadmills can be the perfect way to begin if you are overweight and just starting your fitness journey.  The best part is that they are great for those who simply like the privacy and comfort of working out at home.

Stationary Bike

exercise bike

Stationary bikes are a great way to keep up a regular workout without a gym membership. Plus, you can exercise while sitting down, making it less physically demanding. Riding your bike for just a few minutes each day builds strength in your legs without heavy lifting.

Low Impact Swimming Workouts

four ladies in swimming pool with pool hand weights working out

This is one of the most popular lazy girl workouts. Swimming is a great way to get cardiovascular exercise, and low-impact workouts such as water aerobics are a fun, beneficial way to exercise not matter your fitness level. Beginner swim workouts can be challenging, but once you get started and build endurance, you are going to love them! 

How to start exercising when you’re feeling lazy

Share your goal with those around you

Peer support and accountability can be motivating, so tell your friends and family about your fitness goals. It could be a great idea to invite them to join you.

Give Yourself a “Reward” when you make it to your Workout Goal

Motivation is the number one issue when it comes to sticking with workout routines, especially for those of us who are lazier and may not be used to putting in the necessary time to build strong workout strategies. One way to combat this is by giving yourself a reward every time you meet a goal in your workout plan. 

Now, by a reward, I don’t mean go out and eat all the sweets and desserts you want to, I mean schedule yourself some time to yourself or treat yourself to a healthy snack. There are many delicious and healthy alternative desserts and snacks that won’t bog you down and make your body feel crummy! If you need some inspiration, check out the ones I listed here

But a reward can also be nonfood-related, such as treating yourself to a bubble bath or giving yourself an hour of uninterrupted TV time.

Check off goals as you go

Checking off goals on a list can make you feel accomplished, no matter how small the goal is. Especially in the instance of these 30-day challenges, you can check off your goal of the day every day for 30 days and watch as you get closer and closer to the completion of the overall challenge.

This will help to keep you motivated as you watch yourself turn from someone who would scoff at the idea of exercise to someone who is now looking forward to getting closer to the completion of their first exercise challenge.

 A good way to keep track of these goals that go along with the challenges is to reference the challenges here, which come with calendars that you can print and keep up with each specific workout routine.

woman doing a squat on a yoga mat looking at a laptop on the floor

Is It Better to Sleep or Exercise if I Feel Lazy? 

Asking if it is better to sleep or exercise is a bit of a loaded question. Sleep is necessary for healthy brain function and for rest and recovery if you have been hard at work sticking to your exercise routines. 

But if you find yourself feeling lazy in the middle of the day and you have nothing else to do, then you should absolutely exercise instead of sleeping. Sleeping during the middle of the day can throw off your routine significantly, and giving into this aspect of laziness can put you back on an unhealthy regimen that you have been trying to work out of.

Even choosing lazy workouts instead of sleep will give you the motivation and energy to keep going through the day and will help you get even more done after you finish your workout for the day.

Does a 5 Minute Workout Help When You Are Feeling Lazy?

5-minute workout plans can definitely help when you are feeling lazy; it doesn’t matter how short the workout is. What matters is that you choose to do the workout at all! While a 5-minute workout may not seem like much to some seasoned individuals in the exercise world, for those trying to break out of their sedentary routines, a 5-minute workout is a step in the right direction.

Continue to challenge yourself by starting with shorter, lazy exercises and slowly lengthening them day after day until you make it to 30 minutes. Little steps like this are how you begin to build healthy habits and schedules.

“Lazy” is just a state of mind that I know you can overcome!

Being “lazy” is extremely common, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. Think about all the things you’ve overcome in your life, and I guarantee you can overcome this too! Laziness is a frame of mind, and by making a conscious effort, you can conquer it! Start your workouts with something simple, and you’ll end with something great! 

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