The 30 Day Challenge: Butt and Legs Toned, Lifted, Ready for Summer

One of my most stubborn areas is my butt, which is why I have found a good 30 day butt workout helps to tone legs in 30 days also! Not being one of the longtime fitness gurus, and having back issues, it took some time to get the muscles toned in my legs and butt. Having a regular workout schedule to follow is key!

Don’t be discouraged by the junk in your trunk this year when it’s time to put on your swimsuit. This simple, but effective 30 day butt and leg challenge will tone, tighten, and lift muscles you didn’t even know you had and get rid of your mom butt.

This leg day workout is great for both toning legs and building butt muscles. Naturally, as we age our butts have become unbalanced with, well, being an aging, hardworking mom. We certainly haven’t focused on our body shape all of these years, but now it’s time for us!

30 day leg challenge for women
30 day butt and leg challenge

Just because you are over 40, doesn’t mean you have to look it…or feel it for that matter.

One of the physical differences between women over 40 (who aren’t working out regularly) and younger women is the muscle tone. We can bridge and close that gap with regular exercise.

So, it makes sense if we want to look and feel younger, we should work on our muscle tone.

A few principles to keep in mind when trying to get healthier…

  • Strength training for muscle tone
  • Cardio for fat loss
  • Healthy nutrition to support exercise efforts

It’s really that simple.

Details on the Challenge

This challenge works when you incorporate the 3 principles mentioned above. The 30 day butt and leg challenge not only strengthens and tones your muscles, but it also helps you lose overall weight through calories burned and increased metabolism.

This challenge is customizable to adapt to your fitness level. If day 1 is too easy, start with a day that is more challenging. Likewise, if day 1 is too challenging, do as much as you can and build up gradually until you can move to day 2.

Stick with the program, and no matter your current fitness level, after 30 days you will see improvement in muscle tone and strength. While a 30 day challenge is great for motivation and a visual checkoff, depending on where you are starting, it will likely take longer than 30 days to see the full results of toned legs.

There is also a benefit to engaging muscles in everyday activities. I will even do a few exercises around the house while cooking and cleaning to strengthen and tone.

However, week by week you should be able to feel and see improvement!

Benefits of Leg Day Workouts

You’ve seen all of the memes on leg day workouts, right? They can be a real killer when it comes to walking up or downstairs right after or even days later sometimes.

Leg workouts are awesome for overall weight loss because our legs are our largest muscles and therefore burn the most calories for us when toned.

30 day challenges are great for losing weight

Best Recovery After Leg & Butt Workouts

I love, love, love this drink for faster recovery after workouts, especially after difficult leg and butt workouts. This BCAA powder will help muscles recover much faster than without. I drink it daily, sometimes multiple times depending on what workout I did along with the other benefits of BCAAs.

Losing Weight with 30 Day Butt and Leg Challenge

The challenge will consist of 4 main exercises adding on higher reps through the 30 days.

Curtsy Lunges
Front Lunges
Back Lunges

cardio no equipment indoor workout

After completing the 30 day butt and leg challenge, you deserve a huge pat on the back! I hope you take pictures and measurements before and after…you will be very happy with the results. Don’t stop there though, keep going to keep your metabolism higher to burn more calories and try out some more 30 day challenges.

More 30 Day Challenges for Even Better Toning

This is a must for anyone over 40 to strengthen core muscles and so perfect for beginners. 30-day plank challenge that literally takes less than a couple of minutes a day for big results.

While the plank challenge will help strengthen your arms, this 30-day arm challenge will give your arms a little extra workout to prevent flabby arms so common after 40.

Ankle Weights for Glutes and legs

There are some additional benefits you can gain by adding ankle weights to your workouts for toning and building glutes and legs. 

Additional weight loss resources:

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Print this 30 day leg and butt workout to tone and lift. Don't be afraid to work your legs - it's the muscle that will slim your legs and build your booty! We want to get rid of the mom butt and fight gravity.  via @fitfoundme
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