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1st Phorm Review: Should You Use Their Supplements?

Would you believe me if I said there has been 1 supplement company that has made the biggest impact in my health and fitness? I’d love to share my 1st Phorm review with you in hopes it can do as much for you as it has for me.

Stephanie mixing post workout shake in the kitchen.

1st Phorm is a fairly new supplement company that I stumbled upon back in 2019 when I ordered Ignition to help reduce recovery time in my legs. Shortly after that, my entire supplement supply was from 1st Phorm.

Their products are the best quality I have found in over 8 years, their company has strong values, and the products (especially their meal replacement shakes) taste amazing.

Many years ago, supplements seemed scary and foreign to me. After years of educating myself about a healthier lifestyle, 1st Phorm supplements help me meet my goals so much easier.

In addition to using their supplements, I went all in and became a 1st Phorm Legionnaire Advisor. You can join my team here, and through their app, you can get one on one help from me to reach your weight loss goals. Join the app (upgrade for premium is required) and start working with me today for free!

Andy Frisella Products

1st Phorm International started in 2009 when Andy Frisella (creator of the “75 Hard” challenge) had the opportunity to create their own products within the first company known as Supplement Superstores. From there, the company branched off into several other companies.

Andy Frisella wanted to provide health-conscience people with better quality supplements than what was available. Founded on an intense drive to positively impact every customer with the best service and products as possible, the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

level 1 meal replacement jug of protein powder

1st Phorm Products

Health + Wellness (Vitamins, Immune Health, Digestion)

  • Micro-Factor
  • Opti-greens 50
  • Probiotic
  • Full-Mega
  • Adrenal Restore
  • Whole Heart
  • Remedy
  • Prenatal Plus
  • Opti-Reds 50
  • Masterbrain PM
  • Masterbrain AM
  • Liver Detox
  • Liposomal Vitamin D3
  • Liposomal Vitamin C
  • Joint Mobility
  • Harmony
  • Hair Skin Nail Essentials
  • GI advantage
  • Eye Care
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Complete Prostate PM
  • CLA
  • Collagen
  • B-Complex
  • Alleviate
  • Immune Health
  • Natural Collagen
Container of Opti-Reds supplement.

1st Phorm Pre-Workout & Intra-Workout

  • Megawatt
  • Project-1
  • BCAA
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Alphcre HD
  • AlphaSurge
  • Intra-formance

1st Phorm Protein

  • Phormula-1
    • Chocolate milkshake
    • Vanilla milkshake
    • Chocolate Mint Cookie
    • CTC
    • Cherry Lime
    • Juicy Watermelon
    • Magical Charms
    • Root Beer Float
    • Key Lime Pie
    • Fruit Punch
  • 1st Phorm Level-1
    • Blueberry Muffin
    • Chocolate Banana
    • Cinnamon Cookie Batter
    • German Chocolate Cake
    • Ice Cream Sandwich
    • Mint Ice Cream Sandwich
    • Milk Chocolate
    • Peppermint Bark
    • Strawberry Milkshake
    • Vanilla Ice Cream
    • Caramel Latte
    • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • 1st Phorm Vegan Protein Power Pro
    • Iced Oatmeal Cookie
    • Chocolate Mint Cookie
    • Chocolate Frost
    • Vanilla Creme
  • Protein Bars
    • Birthday Cake
    • Chocolate PB Pretzel
    • Peanut Butter Lover
    • Salted Caramel
    • Peppermint Bark
    • Chocolate Mint Cookie
    • Chocolate Crunch
    • Pumpkin Spice

Fat Burners

  • 1 DB Goddess
  • 1 DB Overdrive
  • Thyro-drive
  • Core-21
  • L-Carnitine

What is the Difference Between 1st Phorm Post Workout Stack and the Meal Replacement Shake?

These two protein supplements have slightly different jobs, and can make a HUGE difference in your goals.

The Post Workout Stack is Phormula-1 and Ignition. (Ignition is the first product I used by 1st Phorm and as you can tell, it was a winner for me.)

The Phormula-1 protein is specially formulated to be fast digesting so that it “feeds” your muscles right away after your workout. The Ignition is a special carb mix that replenishes the glycogen your muscles burn after a strength workout. When combined after a workout, it helps speed up recovery and progress.

Containers of Phormula-1 chocolate and Ignition supplements.

The Phormula-1 (without Ignition) can be also used to help you meet your protein macros goal without feeling as full as if you drank the meal replacement shake.

The Level-1 meal replacement shake is made with ingredients to give your body more nutrients than just protein, just as a meal would. That includes fiber to help you stay full longer. This Level-1 protein mix creates a thicker shake than the Phormula-1.

With the thicker consistency of Level-1, it’s an ideal protein powder for your favorite smoothies.

And, I have to mention both products have an AH-MAZING variety of delicious flavors!

Personally, I reach for the Phormula-1 most often because I tend to like the thinner mixtures. An all time favorite of mine is the Vanilla Milkshake, but the strawberry milkshake is one of my favorite meal replacement flavors.

level 1 meal replacement jug of protein powder

Does 1st Phorm Work? My 1st Phorm Review!

I’ve been using the First Phorm products for since early 2020. After using the products for a few months, then going through one of 1st Phorm’s Transphormation Challenges myself, I became an advisor for them.

I knew it was a company I could stand behind on, and share with my readers. Their app and my Transphormation Challenge (4 times a year) is a proven motivator and program that has helped thousands live a healthier lifestyle.

As an adviser, I help challengers apply the program into their life while providing support along the way. You can join the next challenge with me by downloading this app and signing up today!

Where to Buy 1st Phorm Products

1st Phorm has a very user-friendly website full of educational information about how to use their products as well as full ingredient lists and nutritional info for everything.

Is 1st Phorm sold in stores?

Currently, I believe those in the St. Louis, MO area can purchase the products in a few stores, but that’s the only place I am aware of.

How Much Do 1st Phorm Products Cost?

Of course, the prices vary from product to product, but are very reasonably priced. I’ve used a lot of different supplement brands and 1st Phorm prices are right in line with other high quality products.

One thing to keep in mind for pricing protein supplement products is to compare them to the cost of the meals you are replacing.

The Level-1 meal replacement shakes are $50 for a container. That seems pretty expensive until you break it down. 30 servings to replace meals comes out to $1.66 per shake, which is a great price for a meal!

What is 1st Phorm’s refund policy?

I love their refund policy! Anything purchased can be returned for a 110% money back guarantee! No questions asked.

Which means, you can give new flavors of protein shakes a try without the worry of wasting money if you don’t like it.

Where are 1st Phorm Products Made?

1st Phorm headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO and all of their products are made in the US.

Is 1st Phorm FDA approved?

No, they are not FDA approved because supplement companies don’t require FDA approval. The products are manufactured in a FDA-inspected facility.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started with First Phorm Supplements?

Start by asking yourself where you feel you need the most help.

For me, I wasn’t feeling like I was recovering from my workouts well enough. My legs always felt exhausted. As mentioned above, First Phorm has a product called Ignition that you can add to your protein powder right after a workout. I recommend using their protein – Phormula-1 with it.

The Ignition is formulated to get to your muscles quickly to replace the glucose loss from a hard workout – which will help aid in the recovery process.

woman doing yoga outside

Maybe you feel run-down in general and aren’t taking daily vitamins. Start by giving their Full-Mega vitamin pack a try for a month or two and see how you feel.

If you still aren’t sure what to start with, sign up for their “My Transphormation” app challenge. You can even be on my team if you’d like!

Please invest in the premium so that I can personally help you with your nutrition and goals. Through the app, and real people, you will be able to learn everything you need to be healthier!

1st Phorm is a Great Addition to Your Health and Fitness Regimen!

I’ve only had great results from using the 1st Phorm products. I feel great about using products made in the US with the highest quality ingredients. I can always depend on the products having exceptional taste, which is as important to me as the results I get.

But, don’t just take my word for it – give them a try yourself. Use any of my 1st Phorm links on this page or throughout my website to get FREE SHIPPING. And remember, you have nothing to lose with their 110% money back guarantee!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help you any way I can.

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