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How Ignition from 1st Phorm Changed My Workouts

Leg day soreness is no joke, especially when stairs are involved. There was a time when my legs still felt sore even after having a few days of rest. Overtraining is real, and my muscles seemed to be telling me I was overtraining them. 

It was frustrating to feel as though I had just worked my legs when it had actually been a week since leg day. 

Before I started adding Ignition to my protein shakes after workouts, my muscles, especially my legs, just didn’t feel fresh and ready to tackle a hard workout. Now, I feel so much better starting a challenging workout knowing my body is ready. 

lady sitting criss-cross holding protein shake with weights on floor in front of her with the camera taking the shot from overhead

What does 1st Phorm Ignition do? When is the best time to take it?

This explanation of what Ignition is and how it works to improve results from weight training found on the 1st Phorm Blog is much better than how I could explain it:

“Glycogen is glucose that is stored within the muscle cell that acts as an immediate energy source, essentially serving as “power on demand.” Because resistance training relies on these glycogen stores during intense weight training and depletes them it is important to provide your body with a source of glucose such as Ignition to begin the replenishment process as soon as you can after your training. During intense training you are not only depleting glycogen stores you are creating microscopic tears in the muscle called micro traumas. The repair of these micro traumas is what causes your muscle to grow back bigger and stronger. You tear it down and it builds back stronger every time. This is what the whole concept of training with weights revolves around.

Ignition is designed to be taken post workout (weights) to begin the glycogen replenishment process (it can also be taken pre which I will explain in a minute). The most important function of Ignition is that it floods your body with glucose, but along with the large amount of glucose comes an extremely high insulin spike that serves two purposes: 1. to stop the catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue and 2. to deliver nutrients where they need to go, glucose to the depleted glycogen stores and amino acids (Phormula-1) to the micro traumas for repair. Research has been done that shows this concept (glycogen, Insulin & amino acids together) is the most efficient way to begin recover from an intense weight workout and begin building bigger stronger muscles.”

What does Ignition taste like?

Ignition tastes great! Well, I haven’t tasted it by itself, only with the protein powder I drink after my workout. When added to the protein, it makes the protein shake a little sweeter, which in my opinion is never a bad thing. 

You probably wouldn’t care to drink it by itself, it may taste a lot like sugar water. 

When should I drink it? And How Much?

So, I add it to my post-workout stack after a hard workout that pushed my muscles. I take it according to directions, 1/2 scoop (for women) and for men, it states 1 full scoop. 

There have been workouts when I knew my muscles worked, but not as hard as other times, and in those cases, I only added 1/4 scoop. 

I take an average 45 min walk daily (or almost daily) and I do not drink Ignition after. It’s best only taken after weight training, not cardio. 


How my body reacted…

After a couple of days I noticed my legs weren’t aching like I had just worked out when walking up and down the stairs. I was able to exert more energy and effort into my workouts like I had not been able to do in a long time. 

I have noticed an improvement in my body composition since using both the Phormula-1 protein and Ignition as my post-workout nutrition. My muscles are becoming more defined and I’m finally getting rid of some stubborn fat areas. 

At this point, I have only been using Ignition for about 6 weeks. I look forward to seeing results after a few more months! 

Now, you may be thinking…

Where do I purchase Ignition? 

Here is a link (affiliate link for free shipping) to get a faster recovery so your workouts aren’t wasted. 


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