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The Best Weight Loss Program for Women Over 40 with Workouts + Meal Plans

You must be one of the thousands and thousands of women this program was created for. The discouraged, the hopeless, I’ve tried everything, I lost weight but it came back women this weight loss program was designed for. Even if you are starting an exercise program at 40 or over, this is the weight loss program for you.

I completely know what you mean. My weight bounced around a bit up until about 42 when I put some key health principles in place. Not only did I lose weight, but I kept it off and got stronger and healthier than ever before. I had never really worked out a day in my life before I was over 40.

You are like most women in that you have taken care of so many loved ones around you that it’s been easy to neglect yourself. Well, guess what?

It’s Your Time Now.

meal plans, printable workout calendar, 8 week weight loss program for weight loss for women


Since I lost weight and fitness found me, I have coached hundreds of women to help them implement life-changing healthy habits easily into their life for long term weight loss. There are a lot of 30 day challenges for weight loss that have been very helpful, but until now, nothing as in-depth as this program is for 8 weeks.

So many diets and weight loss advice everywhere you turn, how can anyone know what to stick with? I can tell you what to stick with…stick with what comes natural – real food, real exercise.

Also, if you take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing, a 4 week VIP month is included, making it a 12 Week Weight Loss Program to set you up for long term success.

Now, I am bringing the program to you in a complete package of meal plans with shopping lists, workouts, nutrition training, mindset training, coaching and so much more! This complete weight loss program is life-changing.

How do you know what the best weight loss program is?

The best weight loss program is one that you will be able to sustain and that works in conjunction with your health goals.

It is important to trust a program to have your best interest in mind and understand the science behind the program. This program has been designed especially for women over 40 by professionals who know the science behind the principles of this program.

The other attribute of the best weight loss program for you would be one that fits into your lifestyle as naturally as possible. Principles of healthy living should be able to fit pretty easy into your current lifestyle, which is one of the things we focus on during the program.

Not everyone’s lifestyle is exactly the same, and as you go through the program you will be able to adjust things around so they work for you and your family.

What sets this weight loss program apart from the rest is the focus on women over 40 issues as well as the weekly coaching that comes with it. Whether it is through a FB Live or a ZOOM video call, clients have the personal experience of having help through any bumps along the way.

Many women over 40 are dealing with medical issues such as insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, metabolic disease, and many other possibilities. The nutrition plan in this weight loss program for women addresses those diseases and conditions by balanced eating focusing on

Best Weight Loss Program for Women Over 40

In case you haven’t noticed, there really aren’t a lot of weight loss programs for women over 40. As you and I both know, losing weight after 40 is much different than losing weight in our 20s.

If you have never participated in a weight loss program with a group, let me explain a little bit about the dynamics.

First, every single day you will get an email with everything you need for the day!

Each email has a motivational message, a food tip or recipe and the workout for the day.

Once you have completed your workout, or sooner if you have a question or something you want to share, you pop into our private Facebook Group to share your experience with your new friends.

At the end of the day, you will post a screenshot of your macros (you’ll learn all about them in the first week of the program) for accountability.

Each week, we will touch base either via FB Live or a ZOOM video call where you can ask as many questions as needed and get training, encouragement, and support with your new habits.

Through the weight loss program, you will get access to an online portal where there are 8 modules of training on topics such as sleep, hydration, mindset, nutrition, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, burning fat, macros, cutting out junk food and more.

Workouts in the Weight Loss Program for Women

Every 2 weeks you will have different workout routines so the workouts will not get boring. There is the right balance of cardio and weight training to optimize efforts. The workouts are about 30 min or less each with little to no equipment.

Weight training for women over 40 is some of the best exercises we can do to boost metabolism, focus on bone health, tone muscles for injury prevention and so many other benefits.

An effective 30 minute workout has been shown to be very effective with weight loss and general good health.

Workouts include a HIIT workout every week, strength training to specifically target every area, yes, even getting rid of the mom butt. There are 2-3 active rest days included every week. An active rest day is a break from the more strenuous workouts to give your body time to repair, and designed to be used as a low impact exercise day.

HIIT workouts, one included every week is a great way to burn fat for up to 48 hours later. All of the workouts are designed to be the most effective weight loss program for fat burning.

Some good options for exercise on an active rest day would be: a walk on a treadmill, light elliptical work, a walk around the neighborhood, or any low impact exercise to get your heart rate up, but you should still be able to carry on a conversation.

The 30 day walking program could be a great option for rest days in combination with the strength training and HIITs.

Something like a HIIT treadmill workout would be too much on an active rest day.

I love getting on my Peloton bike and taking one of the scenic rides for 30-45 minutes on my rest days.

(video source)

Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Healthy meal plans can be a real obstacle to losing weight. We get into a rut with meals high in calories, fat and carbs. We are so busy we end up in the drive-thru or ordering in.

The program comes with complete meal plans that you can customize as you wish. The meal plans are delivered early Sunday morning via email complete with a shopping list and recipes. The program removes the question of how to meal plan with the easy to use made for you meal plans.

You will have the ability to create a weight loss meal plan every week according to your favorite foods and preferences. Healthy meal plans mean you can manage your time better while feeding your family what they like and losing weight.

Choices such as vegan meal plans, 1200 calorie meal plans, low carb meal plan, whole 30 meal plan, vegetarian meal plan, and my personal favorite, clean eating meal plan are among the variety. You can set the meal plan at the number of calories per day you need, as well as other preferences when you set up your profile in the meal plan program.

Weight loss meal plan options in a complete program such as the It’s My Time Now Transformation is a turning point in progress and sustainability. Meal plans are a key component for the best weight loss program for women over 40 as creating healthy meals is often a huge obstacle.

Best Supplements for Women

Along with eating whole foods, we cover what are the best supplements for women to lose weight or just maintain optimal health.

There are a list of my favorites that I believe strongly in such as BCAAs for women, collagen for joint health, skin health, and the best meal replacement shakes. It is not mandatory to purchase but suggested to supplement weight loss and overall better health efforts.

Macros for Weight Loss

The It’s My Time Now Weight Loss Program teaches women the importance of tracking macros for weight loss. So, what are the best macros for weight loss?

We start out with setting macros at 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30% fats. After a few weeks of tracking, the program introduces intermittent fasting and carb cycling for the ideal macros for weight loss.

A strong macro diet for weight loss allows for a wide range of foods, without eliminating any single macro at any time. Our body needs a balanced diet to function properly. Balanced nutrition is a key player in having balanced hormones. Something that most women over 40 don’t realize.

Balanced macros are crucial for a weight loss program for women due to the epidemic of high carb diets. When tracking calories, there can be a huge difference in the quality of foods.

How to Sign Up for the It’s My Time Now Weight Loss Program

The program typically opens about every 4-6 weeks. For more information on the program, be sure to visit the It’s My Time Now Weight Loss Transformation page. If registration for the next program isn’t open, be sure to put your name on the waitlist so you can be notified of the next program start date.

Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Want to make a little money while losing weight? Once you join my program, contact me about becoming an affiliate. Get cash for every person you refer that registers for the program.

The best weight loss program for women over 40 on the market is the It’s My Time Now Program. It is a complete program with the training and tools you need to create a healthy lifestyle to prevent the high rate of diseases from obesity and high carb eating.

Have any questions? Post in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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Monday 4th of February 2019

I love that the workout routines switch up every 2 weeks, it really helps to keep things fun and interesting!

Kerrie Mendoza

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

I haven't heard of this - looks really interesting. I've recently joined a new program - looks really great.

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