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Quick and Healthy Recipes with Ground Beef

Cooking with ground beef is quick and easy, but often gets a bad reputation for being unhealthy. There is a long history of ground turkey vs ground beef for choosing healthy foods. Healthy recipes for ground beef can sometimes be difficult to find, so here are some of my favorites for ya!

Ground beef is good for so many recipes other than hamburgers! Don’t be afraid of the fat content, you can choose healthy ground beef with the tips below.

collage of ground beef recipes that are quick and healthy

Is ground beef unhealthy?

Ground beef got a bad wrap years ago when it was believed fat was bad for us. Well…that’s a yes and no to fats being bad.

Fats do not make you fat, however, fats are bad for you when combined with carbs that spike your insulin levels. Following a balanced, natural nutrition plan is best for your overall health. This is according to current research, and as you know, it changes from time to time. That said, I do tend to purchase the more lean, grass-fed ground beef at 93 7 – 93% lean, 7% fat. 

If you want the full scoop on ground turkey vs ground beef with nutritional values, I wrote an entire post on it here.

Is ground turkey better than ground beef?

It really depends on the fat percentages of the meats. Many assume ground turkey is always better, but if you choose a more fatty ground turkey over leaner ground beef, the ground beef is best. 

Personally, I eat both ground turkey and ground beef. I think they both have a great place in a healthy diet.

What types of ground beef are there?

  • Ground Chuck
  • Ground Round
  • Ground Sirloin
  • Ground Beef

Of course, the main difference in the cuts is the percentage of fat content in each. Make sure to look at the details of the individual packaging when deciding what meat to purchase.

The most common is ground chuck and usually found in the 80%/20% lean to fat ratio. It is often preferred for it’s fatty, flavorful taste and moist texture. However, for healthier recipes, they prefer 93%/7% lean to fat ratio or ground sirloin.

Quick and Healthy Recipes with Ground Beef

Replacing carbs with vegetables is all the rage in healthy recipes, much like this Ground Beef over Zoodles recipe.

healthy ground beef recipe with low carb zoodles in a bowl

credit: The Healthy Foodie

If you are looking for a familiar flavor, that can also be great for meal prep, check out this Keto Taco Salad.

ground beef recipe meal prep container ready

credit: Megan Seelinger

Healthy Sloppy Joes are another way to take a familiar, kid-friendly recipe and make it better for you, without losing any flavor.

healthy ground beef recipe sloppy joes

credit: Running to the Kitchen

Soup is always a go-to comfort food, especially during the cooler fall and colder winter months. This Healthy 30 Minute Hamburger Soup will definitely bring you some warming comfort.

healthy ground beef vegetable soup

credit: The Whole Cook


This Ground Hawaiian Beef is a fun and healthy way to add some new flavors into your weekly dinner plans!

hawaiian ground beef recipe

credit: Cooking Made Healthy

Are you on Weight Watchers or following their point system? You’ll want to try this Beef, Vegetable and Cheese Casserole from Weight Watchers.


weight watchers ground beef recipe

credit: Weight Watchers

See, ground beef may have a bad reputation, but when mixed with the right ingredients, it can definitely be counted as a healthy part of any meal. I hope some of these recipes renew your interest in trying new, healthy ground beef flavors.

If you are like me, you alternate between ground beef and ground turkey. I put together a great list of healthy ground turkey recipes that you can give a try or even substitute with ground beef if you’d prefer!

For a healthy dessert, you can make while waiting for dinner to cook, try these healthy Banana Muffins with or without apples! They can be made in less than 30 minutes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.