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Trying to Lose Weight? You Should Be Drinking This Protein Shake Even If You Aren’t Vegan

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own. Call me crazy, but this whey protein loving girl is going vegan! Okay, well, not quite, but I just drank fermented vegan proteins shake…and I liked it! Eeeeek!

fermented vegan proteins powder

I had been perfectly happy with my whey protein powders until recently when I was introduced to Genuine Health’s Fermented Vegan Proteins powder.

As you already know, I am always preaching about eating at least 4 servings of vegetables daily for health and weight loss benefits. Additionally, we have to make sure to get enough lean protein to sustain muscle toning and growth to boost that fat burning metabolism engine.

This fermented vegan protein fits perfectly into that plan! Keep reading…you will totally agree!

Where do I even start? There is so much more to this protein shake than meets the eye!

What does fermented even mean?

The Wellness Mama explains this well…

“Fermented foods are foods that have been through a process of lactofermentation in which natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food creating lactic acid. This process preserves the food, and creates beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics.”

“Natural fermentation of foods has also been shown to preserve nutrients in food and break the food down to a more digestible form. This, along with the bevy of probiotics created during the fermentation process, could explain the link between consumption of fermented foods and improved digestion.” (source)

Sauerkraut and a probiotic yogurt are probably the most common fermented foods you’ve seen.

Improved digestion is an absolute bonus in my book, how about yours?

Gut Health

Have you been taking your gut health for granted as much as I have?

Gut health is a topic I haven’t delved into very much, except I am aware it can have an impact on trying to lose weight. Systems in our body are designed to work in tandem with each other, each system needing to be in tip-top shape. We tend to pay more attention to what we can see or check during a routine doctor visit.

It’s a topic we all need to be aware of for better overall health.

Of course, I knew about good and bad gut bacteria. The good we need, the bad we don’t. I knew probiotics help replace the good bacteria when it is depleted. That was the extent of my knowledge.

I was totally taking my gut health for granted. Now I realize the importance of our digestive system to work properly, even when we don’t feel “off”, we still need to feed our digestive tract the good stuff to stay gut healthy.

This protein powder has come into my life at a good time. I am trying to increase my vegetable intake while further reducing some complex carbs I have let inch their way back into my life. When my servings of vegetables are increased, carbs decreased, weight loss happens much easier when combined with a great exercise program.

Here’s what I learned about Fermented Vegan Proteins Powder

At first glance, this fermented vegan proteins powder caught my attention with the “no bloat” on the packaging. I have never seen that on a protein powder packaging, so I was intrigued.

A few key facts that jumped out at me:

No bloating
40% better absorption
Strengthens gut health
Zero sugar! (Stevia leaf extract is used to sweeten, my favorite natural sugar substitute)
Low, low carbs – (chocolate 5 g, vanilla 3 g)
20 g protein

So Genuine Health definitely had my full attention at this point.

As I read on, I learned a little more about gut health.

We need to eat the right foods to keep the “soil” healthy in our gut to keep the bacteria (flora).  Take a couple of minutes to watch this short (very cute) video that explains gut health in simple terms for us.

I did notice how easy the protein felt on my stomach. We’ve all drank the protein shakes that made our stomachs feel a bit woozy. This was much lighter and easier on my stomach.

So, I hear you. All of that is all well and good, but how does it taste? After all, even the best of foods will be avoided if the taste is awful.

Fermented vegan proteins powder

How does Fermented Vegan Proteins Powder taste?

I have tried vanilla and chocolate. Honestly, I was a little nervous at first. Pea protein doesn’t sound very appealing to an omnivore.

My first reaction to the chocolate was the simple taste of lightly sweetened cocoa, similar to hot chocolate would be served cold. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good tasting chocolate! I really enjoyed the real taste of chocolate! It is slightly chalky, but not enough to turn my nose up. I only added water and ice and blended it in my Oster blender.  Adding a little almond milk or one of the likes creates a more creamy shake, and the chocolate is richer tasting.

The vanilla was similar. I am usually not a fan of vanilla, however, this vanilla was really good. It is a “clean, light, refreshing” vanilla taste, again, a little chalky, but definitely a great vanilla to add additional flavors.

Interestingly, there is an unflavored choice. I truly love when I can get my favs in an unflavored! Unflavored increases the flexibility of adding it to any smoothie, or anything else you enjoy drinking!

Fermented Vegan Proteins Bar

I had a couple of protein bars to try also. I haven’t eaten a lot of protein bars recently due to trying to keep fresh food snacks in my purse, however, these bars were really good. They are the “pressed” type of bar, that tends to taste very unnatural, however, they don’t taste like so many others…like cardboard. These have the consistency much like a candy bar does.

The first bite of the lemon coconut and I was sold. I love the lemon and coconut combination, it is such a unique flavor. I discovered coconut and lemon together recently during a cheat day at a local donut shop….delicious!!

Then there is the chocolate almond. ‘Nuff said, right? Yes, it lived up to its name.

Those are two of my favorite combinations of foods…like ever. Genuine Health did them right, too!

Definitely worth grabbing one for on the go snacks that I like to have close by.

Bottom line…

Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins powder is a great find! The low carbs and zero sugars are perfect for women over 40 working on losing weight or even maintaining. The protein powder is packed with so many vitamins and minerals it aides in our efforts to keep our body fed with the high serving amounts of veggies while keeping the carbs count down low.

The more good I put into my body, the more good, whole foods I want.  You will see that as times goes on also if you haven’t already. Your body becomes a veggie, whole foods, clean foods party every time you eat.

[tweetthis]Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins Powder is a party for our gut. [/tweetthis]

It’s a staple in my pantry now, how about you?

Where can you get your own Fermented Vegan Proteins Powder and Bars?

fermented vegan proteins powder

You can buy them at your local Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store all across the US! Go grab yours today!

If there isn’t a Sprouts Farmers Market close by, you can also get it delivered right to your door!

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