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Eating Salad Everyday Helps More Than Just Weight Loss Says Research

You have probably heard me say how often we include a simple salad in our dinner. We have been eating salad everyday to help with our daily vegetable macros goal and overall health. Maybe you need a bigger reason why to add a few greens to your daily nutrition…

Eating Salad Everyday Research

If that’s the case, nutritional epidemiologist Martha Clare Morris and her team at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago performed a study for 10 years with people who ate at least 1.3 servings of greens per day alongside of people who averaged less than 0.1 servings of greens daily.

The results were realized a correlation with those eating more leafy greens (such as spinach and kale) showing signs of being 11 years younger in terms of brain health.

Better brain health means less risk for memory diseases such as dementia and alzheimer’s. Participants included 960 people between the age of 58 – 99, without any previous signs of memory disease. One serving equated to 1/2 cup of cooked spinach.

“Some of the nutrients already have excellent scientific evidence, such as vitamin E, a potent antioxidant which has been demonstrated in carefully controlled animal models to protect against neuron loss, oxidative stress and inflammation, and the accumulation of amyloid plaques,” she told Newsweek in an email. “Other of the nutrients are newly identified.” She cites nitrate, vitamin K and kaempferol as potential contributors to brain health that warrant further examination. (source)

eating salad everyday

Leafy dark greens have long been considered a superfood and important to healthy nutrition. Studies such as this continue to remind us to ensure we are consuming the proper foods in the proper amounts daily.

Prior to my healthy lifestyle transition, I was the worst at eating vegetables regularly. It often takes a conscious effort and a little planning to make sure you are eating the nutrients your body needs.

Include eating salad everyday with your meal plan to keep your brain healthy!

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TIP – When I’m in a hurry to make dinner (which is most of the time) I opt for a bag of mixed greens in a bag at the grocery store. It’s easily dressed up with some cherry tomatoes and a few slices of cucumber if needed. Otherwise, it can be pretty good with just adding some healthy dressing!

How will you include eating salad everyday to your routine?

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