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How to Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat


Want to learn how to lose belly fat on your own schedule and convenience in your home? It is possible if you have a little self-discipline!

Women typically have certain trouble areas and our stomach can certainly top our list. Remember the days of only doing sit-ups to tone our stomachs? Today we know there isn’t just one single exercise to lose belly fat or miracle stomach exercise equipment. What works for the rest of our body also works for our abs – a total body workout and eating healthy.

How did I lose belly fat?

First, I prefer to work out at home. It fits into my schedule much easier than if I had to drive to a gym. The privacy also helps me to push myself a little harder, especially when I was in terrible shape and only able to do partial workouts.

Secondly, workout clothes are my first outfit of the day to help me be ready, set, go for my workout. For me, I need to streamline it as much as possible. Being already dressed for the workout is one less excuse I can use on the days I’m not as motivated as I should be. I can usually workout by 8 or 9am, although even if it’s later, I still have my workout clothes on as a reminder to get it done! The later it gets, the more difficult it is to fit the workout in, so I do my best to do it early.

What are some of my favorite home workouts to lose belly fat?


As outlined in a previous post, my workouts started with an elliptical machine. Since then, I do more workouts from videos from BeachBody. They have a regular program schedule to follow so that you are able to focus on entire body workouts, rotating so that you are able to work different areas of the body on different days.

I am about to complete P90X3, which has been my favorite. It is only 30 minutes long and provides a thorough workout yielding amazing results. There are a great variety of exercises – yoga, pilates, upper strength, lower strength, cardio, etc. During many of the sessions, weights or exercise bands can be used as well as a time for a chin-up bar. There are also 3 different programs to follow: classic, lean and mass depending on the results you want. Be sure to download the P90X app to mark your completed workouts! It is a 90 day program. As the weeks go by, you will be able to see and feel significant improvement.


The other home exercise videos I have used are: P90X, Insanity and Brazilian Butt all by BeachBody. With each program, I feel like I am having a personal trainer workout. Some are more difficult than others. For extreme exercise workouts, definitely go for the Insanity. Insanity will shrink that belly fat in 60 days or less! The Brazilian Butt sessions include some lower intensity cardio workouts as well as strengthening workouts including an ab workout session that is very thorough.

When any of these or other programs are started, don’t expect to be able to keep up 100% on day 1. Most of them have modified exercises until you are more fit and flexible.

As Tony Horton often says, “Do your best and forget the rest!”

In addition to the previously mentioned BeachBody workouts, BeachBody has a new on demand streaming video subscription available for a small monthly fee. Through the membership, there are many great home workout videos to choose from.

Another great benefit to using home exercise videos is being able to travel without missing a workout. Most of the sessions can be done in a hotel room.

It’s not all about the bass…it’s all about the core!


The beauty of the whole body exercises is strengthening the core muscles through a large variety of exercises with weights, balance and stretching.

There really is no single exercise for a flat stomach.

It is about working into a burn fat fast exercise program while cutting out the sugars, fats and bad carbs without neglecting to eat plenty of good foods such as proteins, fruits and vegetables. No worries, we will talk more about proper eating on another day.

Bottom line is…

  • There really isn’t just a single best workout program for weight loss
  • There isn’t just one exercise to lose belly fat
  • Choose a whole body workout with cardio and strength exercises into your routine on a regular basis

Choose your fitness program so…

Fit Can Find YOU!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.