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Review: 4 Best Energy Drink for Running (Complete Guide)

Here’s a question that many female runners ask: What’s the best energy drink for running? And it’s a good question, because when you’ve got a busy life, you don’t want something like low energy to hinder your running workouts. With so many sports drinks to choose from, we are sharing our list of best energy drinks to take the guess work out for you.

Even if you’re drained because of your busy lifestyle, we can all agree that running is enjoyable and therapeutic, so many runners want to integrate an energy drink into their diet, so that they can still run after a long day at work, at home, or at school. 

We’re going to talk about sports drinks, today. I’ll walk you through some things to take into consideration, when you’re in the market for energy drinks. Plus, I’ll let you know which energy drinks are my favorite. Let’s get started.

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Benefits of Energy Drinks for Running 

Running—whether it be a half marathon, long runs, or long training runs—is a great way to stay fit (or get fit). There isn’t much equipment that is required to run, but there is something that you can use to enhance your workout: and that’s an energy drink. 

The primary benefit of an energy drink or energy gels for running is that they can give you a little bit of an extra boost, when you’re exercising. This means, that about fifteen to twenty minutes into your run, you’re going to feel slightly energized, because of an energy drink. And this can be important, especially when you’re feeling fatigued from your busy life. 

What to Look for on the Labels 

Like anything that you put into your body, you’re going to want to consider the nutritional facts and ingredients, so that you can make an informed decision as to which of the sports beverages is right for you. There are two primary things to look at, when you’re determining whether an energy drink is right for you, or not. Those things are: caffeine content and sugar content. 

Pros of Caffeine when Running

  • Caffeine can increase your mental alertness and mental focus.
  • Caffeine improves your driving performance and your physical endurance.

Cons of Caffeine when Running

  • You might need to urinate more frequently, which can ruin a run.
  • There are several side effects to consuming too much caffeine: anxiety, fatigue, rapid heart rate and more. 

The takeaway here, is that you should be cautious of your caffeine consumption. Adults should not consume more than 400 mg per day. However, despite this, there are some perks to having an energy drink with caffeine. 

Pros of Sugar when Running

  • Sugar can give you a quick boost of energy. 

Cons of Sugar when Running

  • Having too much sugar can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, acne, and more.
  • You can experience a sugar crash after eating sugar, which will leave you feeling tired and lethargic. 

The takeaway here, is that sugar and artificial sweeteners have many negative side effects, so you should be weary of consuming too much of it.

For women, it is best to keep your sugar consumption under 24 g a day. So, before having an energy drink with added sugar, be sure to analyze the other foods that you eat, to see if adding more sugar to your diet will put you over the threshold of consuming too much. Moderation is the key, with sugar (and all other things). 

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Staying hydrated before, during and after Running 

Staying hydrated is so important when you are a runner. I know that you hear this piece of advice all the time, but I want to tell you again, because it’s easy to blow off this advice. Don’t underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. 

When you’re hydrated, you’re more likely to have a better run, and if you’re concerned with your performance, this is incredibly important. Plus, staying hydrated will help you have a better recovery post-run, and you’ll experience less cramping and fewer injuries. 

There’s no shame in having energy drinks (I have them, too, and I love them), but you need to be cautious of how many that you’re consuming. If you find yourself having too many, then you’ve got a problem. 

Sure, energy drinks have their place, but when it comes down to it, the best thing to drink is water. As with all things in the health and fitness world, it is best to opt for more food and drinks that are natural products, whenever you can. So, I wanted to provide you with a list of alternative energy drink that are a great choice. 

Energy Drink Alternatives

BCAA Drinks vs Energy Drinks 

So far, we’ve discussed energy drinks (and a few natural drinks that can provide energy, too). As we’ve discovered, energy drinks are drinks that have a stimulant in them, like caffeine or sugar. However, there’s an alternative kind of energy drinks, called BCAA drinks. 

A BCAA drink is a workout supplement that has branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in it— which means that the drink doesn’t rely on caffeine or sugar to provide you with energy. BCAAs for runners is a popular choice.

Benefits of BCAA drinks

  • You’re going to have an enhanced performance, during your workout.
  • Energy will come quickly.
  • You won’t crash, because you’ll feel a steady rush of energy with BCAA drinks.
  • BCAAs help stop feelings of fatigue. 

Whereas regular energy drinks often lead to crashes, BCAAs don’t. So, oftentimes it is best to consume a BCAA before a workout, because you won’t feel jittery (like you would after having caffeine or sugar). Plus, you’ll have a longer supply of energy. 

1st Phorm BCAAs

Similar to the labeled energy drinks, BCAAs can provide your body with energy as well, using electrolytes without caffeine or other stimulants.

With the BCAA’s that 1st Phorm offers, all that you have to do is put one scoop in 8 ounces of water, and you’ll feel the benefits: 

  • The drink helps to maintain lean muscle.
  • You’ll experience more fat loss, when you’re drinking 1st Phorm’s BCAA’s.
  • The intensity of your workout can be prolonged. 

1st Phorm Intra-Formance Review

lady running outside by a lake

This drink is designed to be consumed during a long workout, or a long run. It’s a unique blend of amino acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes that will provide you with all the necessary nutrients your body is typically lacking during intense endurance training.

Benefits of Intra-Formance

  • Reduce muscle breakdown
  • Increase mental fatigue
  • Includes a tri-carb source from Cluster Dextrin®, Fructose, and Dextrose for a carb energy source
  • Stabilize blood sugar to keep energy high and performance elevated
  • Blend of electrolytes for optimal performance and reduces cramping

1st Phorm Energy Drink Review

The purpose of an energy drink for running is to be able to feel a boost of energy. And when you’re picking an energy drink, you’re going to want to find something that gives you energy, without the crash. The new 1st Phorm Energy prevents the crash through a few unique ingredients.

Benefits of 1st Phorm Energy Drink 

  • Natural caffeine for a smooth, crash-free energy.
  • NeuroFactor and Huperzine to stay focused and dialed in all day.
  • Blend of essential vitamins and essential nutrients for proper electrolytes balance and hydration.
  • No sugar – that’s right, zero sugar
  • Zero calories and no carbs

What flavors does 1st Phorm Energy come in?

  • Cherry Lime
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Citrus Blast
  • Orange Sunrise

1st Phorm products are widely known for their clean, trusted manufacturing, made in the USA and variety of health supplements. I discovered and learned about 1st Phorm several years ago when had great results from their Ignition supplement.

What is 1st Phorm Endura-formance – Review

While this is technically more of a pre-workout, it does provide a lot of the benefits a runner needs during exercise.

The powder can be added to water, and the drink provides you with an enhanced workout.

This supplement provides the ability to energize your muscle fibers with more power and stamina will allow you to train harder and longer.

Benefits of this Endura-formance

  • Contains creatine and beta-alanine to improve muscle performance and reduce lactic acid
  • Includes betaine anhydrous, Peak02TM, and S7® ingredients to increase stamina
  • Improves aerobic capacity and performance

Final Thoughts

Energy drinks are best in moderation (like all things). There are ingredients that you should be aware of like sugar and caffeine amounts that would later impede performance. When you choose drinks made by reputable manufacturers like 1st Phorm, you can count on the fact that you’re drinking an energy drink that you can trust. 

Energy drinks can be vital for marathon runners, runners of long distances, runners who go on a short run, as well as other athletes. They can be a great way to improve your workout results.

Go ahead, give any of these best energy drinks for yourself before a run or workout. You’ll see the results for yourself!

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