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Benefits of the Treadmill for Weight Loss (Printable Workouts)

Here’s something that you should know, if you’re beginning your weight loss journey: treadmill workouts are perfect ways for obese women over 40 to someone who wants to lose those stubborn 10 lbs or someone just looking to live a healthy lifestyle to lose weight, because there are many benefits of the treadmill for weight loss. From beginners to someone with a higher fitness level, treadmill walking is a great way to achieve some calorie burn.

When you are envisioning aerobic exercise, you might think that you’re going to need to spend hours and hours working out. Or, you might envision that you’re going to need to do strength training and weight training, with extremely heavy weights. But the good news is, that you don’t really have to do either of those things, to lose weight.

gym with treadmills and ladies walking on treadmills

Achieving your health goals and the physique of your dreams is attainable, with the help of a treadmill (and admittedly, a few rest days here and there).

So, I want to discuss the value of treadmill workouts, because so often, people overlook the importance of using the treadmill for weight loss. We’ll go over the benefits of the treadmill, how to use the treadmill to lose weight, and more.

By the end, you’ll be eager to pull out a pair of these best treadmill shoes and start running or walking. Let’s get into it, because I know that you’re eager to see results.

How are Treadmills Good for Weight Loss?

Treadmills are only good for weight loss, if you use them! Here’s the thing: you can burn belly fat and overall body fat with a light, low intensity workout. In other words, you lose weight by going on a daily 30 to 60 minute walk.

Light cardio (walking at a brisk pace) can lead to the results that you’re looking for, and there’s no need for you to participate in a 3 hour exercise routine on the treadmill (who has the time for that).

For people who are new to exercising, a nice walk on the treadmill is a great way to achieve weight loss, without the stress. I know from experience, that when you’re just starting to get into a workout routine, it’s nice to begin on the treadmill. Let’s say that you sign up for a gym membership.

obese woman doing treadmill workout

The chances are, that the least intimidating machine in that gym, is going to be the treadmill—they’re just a flat surface. I would argue that the spin bike or the elliptical machines are pretty accommodating to new gym-goers too, but the treadmill is definitely the simplest piece of gym equipment out there.

Whereas you might not know how to operate some of the other equipment, getting on the treadmill is intuitive. Since you walked yourself into the gym, you’re going to be fine on the treadmill. There’s no risk of embarrassment or confusion, when you workout on a treadmill. You can breathe a sigh of relief, there.

Once you get the hang of the treadmill, you can begin to participate in more exciting treadmill workouts.

What are some of the different types of workouts on treadmills?

If you are new to treadmills, knowing the variety available can be helpful for planning. While the low intensity level daily walking (steady pace) gives amazing results, adding in a more intense fitness routine to change things up a bit can increase the number of calories your body will burn in a shorter amount of time.

Don’t be intimidated, if you’ve never completed higher intensity workouts, like HIIT workouts. If you can handle a low intensity treadmill workout, then you’re on your way to being a pro at a higher intensity workout. Just take your time and do what feels right for your lifestyle. Don’t count yourself out, before you try a new great workout!

How long of a treadmill workout to lose weight?

I believe that anyone can start making strides towards a healthier lifestyle, so my answer is vague, here. Truthfully, the length of time that you should use the treadmill, to lose weight, depends on several factors (but it’s less time than you’d think).

The best thing that you can do for yourself, is to consistently walk for 30 to 60 minutes a day. If you do, you’re going to get your heart rate into fat loss mode which is an effective way to reach your weight loss goals.

(Fat burning zone can be easily tracked and measured with a fitness watch.)

Let’s be honest: you’ve got a lot on your plate. So, the good thing about a 30 to 60 minute workout on the treadmill, is that you can fit it into your busy schedule, and still lose weight.

Whether you’re busy making school lunches, finishing work for your office job, taking care of your lovable (but high maintenance) dogs, or spending your days running errands around town, you might not always think that you have much time for a workout.

You deserve to carve out an hour for yourself, and when you spend a mere hour treadmill walking, you will see results.

However, I understand that you might be new to fitness, and if you are, then maybe you can’t quite walk a full 30 or 60 minutes, yet. There’s no shame in having to work your way up to a full 30 minute workout! But you won’t get there, if you don’t start.

So, if you find that you’re only able to walk for 10 minutes, that’s okay! Fitness journeys are not one size fits all, and the best way to achieve your fitness goals, depends on your current fitness level.

Start where you’re comfortable, and work your way up, into a consistent 30 to 60 minute walk. 

The best treadmill workout is the one you will do! Don’t overthink it, an easy way to get started is find a treadmill routine you will complete.

Benefits of Treadmill Walking Workouts to High-Intensity Workouts

You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in increasing your calorie burn to lose weight. Look, I know how it feels to look in the mirror and feel dissatisfied. Whether your body has changed after having kids, whether you’ve felt less toned after 40, or whether you’ve been overweight your whole life, it doesn’t feel good to dislike the body that you’re in.

So, the benefit of treadmill workouts that you’re probably most interested in, is that you’ll lose weight and burn belly fat. Yes, you can lose weight with steady-state cardio at a comfortable pace on flat ground or a run type of high-intensity training.

Tone Muscles

Beyond sheer weight loss, you’re going to tone and strengthen muscles (like your leg muscles), too. Seeing the number on the scale change is satisfying, but numerical achievements aren’t necessarily always the most important thing. Seeing changes in your physique is exciting, even if you’re not seeing the number on the scale change dramatically. I can confirm that using a treadmill to achieve a more toned figure, can revitalize the way you look.

Cardiovascular System Improvement

Also, weight loss leads to better health, so doing cardio workouts leads to better cardiovascular health and strengthened bone mass. It can be easy to get caught up in the process of achieving better results and physical changes, but what’s really important, is the way that cardio can improve your health.

Mood, Energy and Mental Health Improvement

Along with better physical health, using a treadmill to do physical activity will improve your mood and mental health. Exercising releases natural hormones called endorphins that improves mood and energy levels.

So, we’ve discussed the effect that using a treadmill has on your physicality and your health. But here are some logistical perks that come with treadmills.

Reduced Obstacles

For one, you’re going to be able to workout no matter the weather conditions when you have a home gym. If you’re a runner or walker, and instead choose to do this outside, then you’ll have obstacles of bad weather from time to time.


I love this final benefit of the treadmill. If you’re a little bit behind on a television show that you love, you can watch it (guilt free) on the treadmill. What’s better than unwinding with a good show? Getting in a good calorie burn session while you’re unwinding with a good show. Not only will you be able to relax, but you’ll be working towards increasing your fitness level. Talk about multitasking!

Final Thoughts

You can lose weight by walking! Sure, lowering your calorie intake (tracking macros is vital) and following a healthy diet to stay in a calorie deficit is important. But if you only focus on eating fewer calories, you might lose your motivation, and it might seem like weight loss is unattainable (especially if you’re over 40).

The truth is that small changes count. It doesn’t have to be intimidating or an inconvenience to lose weight, and I can’t vouch for the treadmill enough. Most everyone can find 30 to 60 minutes a day, so make it your goal to start walking on the treadmill. When you begin this healthy habit, then you’re on your way to reaching all your fitness milestones. The best way to get started, is to start right now.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.