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5 Minute Workouts for Beginners or Advanced to Tone Muscles

When all is crazy busy, you’re running around to get the bare necessities done, your day needs these 5 minute workouts because that is all you’ve got left.

5 minute workouts for beginners

We had such a good Mother’s Day weekend and I hope you did also! The weather was crazy hot, felt like July, but I am really not complaining. I would rather it be hot than too cold.

We hiked, saw a movie, had a luncheon at church and relaxed.

There are several really nice parks in the area and I took Andrew to one he had never been to before, Umstead Park. We took a short hike, less than 2 miles round trip to the Big Lake as it’s called.

Umstead Park walk hike

Afterward going home to clean up a bit we headed to see the remake movie, Overboard. Remember the original one with Goldie Hawn and Kirk Russel? Well, I have to say it was not as good as that one, but it was cute.

With the hot weather, I have loved having the Daily Harvest cups in my freezer ready to mix and eat in about 5 min or less. I had the chocolate blueberry and the strawberry banana smoothies this weekend. I can’t wait to have the breakfast oats tomorrow morning! I finally remembered to start soaking them this evening.

Check out Daily Harvest and use this link to get 3 free cups!! 

Life has been so busy since I started keeping Rhett, Madison’s now 4 months old while she works part-time. My schedule is often flipped from what it used to be and working out regularly can be difficult some days. My hair is a mess that needs to be colored again and my eyebrows look like they are about to crawl away.

You totally understand me.

I hate the thought of slipping backward on my health and fitness during times like this – I worked too hard a few years ago to let it slip away. So, I have short exercises I can do throughout the day.

There are few exercises that can take credit for toning and work your entire body.

5 Minute Workouts for Beginners or Advanced to Tone Muscles

My all-time favorite is a 5 minute workout for beginners or anyone really are plank exercises. Depending on your strength, you could be in a plank for a few seconds up to a few minutes. There are almost an endless amount of variations of planks to do for different levels of fitness that any and all are great for muscle toning.

A great workout for beginners with planks would be the 30-day plank challenge that starts small and builds up gradually as your muscle tone increases. Don’t let the short workout time fool you though, you will be sore the next day!

Another one of my favorites is the elliptical or treadmill for beginners workout. It is set up for more than 5 minutes, but you can easily adjust the time to meet your schedule.

Arms are an area I can be bad about consistently targeting, but with this quick arm workout, you can have them toned easily by summer vacation!

Lastly, but can never be forgotten because this is a no excuses workout! I literally do these while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen. These butt exercises will get you from mom butt to Va-Voom butt!

Well, there you have it. Some ideas for 5 minute workouts for beginners or any level of fitness, with several of them flexible enough to do anywhere and anytime.

I hope your week is off to a good start! I have a pretty long to-do list for the next couple of days – including getting my eyebrows waxed! They are beyond embarrassing.

How do you fit in workouts when the time is so short?

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