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15 Minute Office Workout for Women Over 40

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Workouts don’t have to be in a gym or even while wearing your favorite gym clothes. How would you like a 15 min office workout that will burn calories, strengthen muscles, awaken your mind without making you feel the need for a shower to get back to work?

Years ago, I remember our church had classes to help young women learn how to be organized with general know-how lessons for the daily responsibilities. I learned so much through them, including one of my favorite stories about a vase of flowers.

The story is that this woman, I will call her Jane, had a very unorganized, messy home. She had piles of clutter on every table top and space available. Jane was a very busy woman who was easily overwhelmed and discouraged when she looked around her home as she would try to start decluttering.

One day one of Jane’s friends, dropped a beautiful vase of flowers off for her. Jane looked around, not sure where to even put the beautiful flowers so that they could truly be enjoyed. She decided to clean off a small table so that the flowers would be able to exhibit their full beauty. After doing so, just as predicted, the flowers were stunning on the table.

Shortly after, Jane noticed the sink full of dirty dishes and decided to wash and put them away. She again, admired her flowers and now the clean sink. Now the mess on the countertop stood out and shadowed the beautiful flowers and clean sink. She took a few minutes to clean off the countertops. She looked around at her clean kitchen and felt good.

This pattern continued through the house as she began to see the small projects in each room that could each be completed in a short amount of time. As you have probably already guessed, within a few days of the arrival of the simple but beautiful vase of flowers, Jane’s home was clean and organized.

Every big project begins with small steps. It can be too overwhelming to look at the colossal work that needs to be done. Instead, eat that elephant one bite at a time.

The same concept should be applied to a healthy lifestyle. It is not easy moving from eat whatever you want and no exercise to eating healthy, cutting out almost all sweets and junk, and working out an hour or so a day. That’s huge.

That is the recipe for failure if you try to change all of that in one week or even a few weeks. It took months for me to get all of the changes incorporated into my life, and years later I am still making changes!

So, how does someone with no extra time squeeze in workout time?

15 Minute Office Workout

15 Minutes in workout land can be golden. Look for the small opportunities to burn calories while at work.

Here is a great 15 min Office Workout routine from HASfit that won’t cause your co-workers to sit across the room from you in your next meeting. No shower required!

Doing that office workout once a day would be great, twice even better!

Instead of being discouraged about lack of time, look for the smaller opportunities you have to make a difference!

An office workout could be your vase of flowers.

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office workout

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