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How to Create a Weight Loss Vision Board

Do you want to create a weight loss vision board? If so, then this blog post is for you! It will cover the steps to creating your own unique goal board that will motivate you on your journey.

Whether it’s an exercise goal, weight loss goal, or any other type of health-related goals – these visual inspirational boards are great tools for staying focused and motivated.

A vision board can help to localize your goals, ideals, and inspirational motivators like quotes and photos of others.

What Is a Weight Loss Goal or Motivation Board? 

A weight loss motivation board is a tool you can use to help motivate your weight loss journey.

These boards include visual representations of healthy eating, body types, motivational quotes, overall aesthetics, and other visual goal connections. 

Vision boards are useful tools to help you visualize realistic and healthy goals to make your journey to this weight loss destination more enjoyable and attainable in times of stress or self-doubt.

Do Vision Boards Work?

Weight loss vision boards can help motivate you, provide inspiration, and keep you on track when you are feeling down or lost about your progress. In this regard, they do work! 

However, a vision board is not the only piece needed for the weight loss puzzle. You will also need a solid plan for healthy weight loss and realistic goals.

A vision board is an effective motivator, and can help you stay focused on the long-term goal when daily progress isn’t always noticeable.

quote be stronger than your excuses

The Best Ideas To Include on a Weight Loss Goal & Vision Board


The main thing that should be included on your weight loss vision board are your goals!

These could be body goals, aesthetic goals, or even energy or stamina goals you wish to achieve. The important thing about including body goals is that you pick bodies that still look like yours but just where you want your body to be. 

Stick with body goals that are similar to your body type.

I’m 5’5″ and have always had thicker legs rather than long slim legs. So, my vision board would include images that would look more like that than a 5’10” woman with long thin legs.

This way, you will not beat yourself up for being unable to attain unrealistic expectations presented by others whose bodies are not similar in type to yours.

An aesthetic goal is also nice to add to your board because it can help you remember your goal of how you want to feel when exercising or when you have reached your weight loss goal. 

This could be a more flexible, gymnast-like aesthetic, or more of a powerful lifting and muscle-building aesthetic. Boards made with these differences would absolutely have different feels and help you to remember the energies you want to embody with them.

Inspirational Quotes 

 Another great thing to add to your vision board is inspirational quotes. Pinterest is a great place to do a search for inspirational quotes.

Quotes exist for many emotions, situations, and energies, which is why they are a great motivator to include in your vision board.

lady running with a list of motivation to workout

Whether it’s a quote about perseverance and never giving up or about uplifting your mood when you’re starting to feel your self-esteem fall during your journey. 

Quotes can help pick you up when you’re feeling down on yourself or unmotivated to continue to reach your goals.

quote believing in yourself is the first secret to success

You can use the quotes as a personal mantra, even to continue on your journey, just keep it in your mind and look at it when your motivations start to wane.

You can even print out self-love quotes so that you can foster a healthy relationship with your body during the weight loss journey.

Healthy Foods

You may not think that posting pictures of food would be a good choice on a weight loss vision board, but posting delicious healthy foods is!

Healthy food choices may seem impossible for those of us who love the convenience of frozen meals and fast foods, but pictures of these would help motivate you to make healthier choices. 

If you look at a picture of a healthy lasagna or a sheet pan dinner, then you will be more encouraged to meal plan to keep from eating and regretting the food choices.

The pictures and the association with the healthier choices, will help you to make better food choices to go along with a diet and exercise plan that works for you!

This will allow you to build long-term associations with food that is better for you rather than the food of convenience.

How To Create a Weight Loss Vision & Dream Board

poster with inspirational buzz words

Creating a weight loss vision board is simple! All you need are some printed images or magazine clippings of things to create a healthy board of goals.

It is best to create a physical board using a pegboard, cardboard, or poster board so that it can be placed in an area that is strongly related to your weight loss, such as an exercise room or the kitchen.

Placing a physical representation of your goals in these areas will give you something to reference in the most strenuous times of your journey. 

You can create the vision board in the same way you would create a collage. You want the board, once finished, to paint a picture of your body goals, eating goals, or even energy goals that you are wanting to achieve.

Adding pictures of those who are of similar body types and are healthy and fit is a great way to strive for attainable body goals. You can also add healthy foods to reinforce better eating habits and inspirational quotes that you can utilize as a personal mantra to complete your goals.

Vision Board Supplies

Get as creative as you want…it’s your board!

What Is a Reasonable Weight Loss Goal to Include on a Weight Loss Motivation Board? 

When setting weight loss goals, it is important to set reasonable goals that you can achieve in a healthy fashion.

If you set unreachable goals, your motivation will continue to falter because you will not be able to ever achieve the goals, and it is essential that you lose the weight in a healthy way, over time, rather than a slim quick plan that will not last in the long term. 

According to Mayo Clinic, a weekly goal of 1 to 2 pounds lost is a great choice. It also continues on to say that a final goal of 5% of your current weight loss is a great starting goal that you can build on, should you need to lose more weight.

quote decide commit focus succeed

Using a Vision Board as Motivation 

Using a weight loss vision board may seem self-explanatory, but the way to get the most out of the board is to keep it in a location where it can be seen while you are either exercising or cooking, if your weight loss plan is mainly diet based.

This way, you can see the goals and uplifting messages you created for yourself during the most strenuous times of your weight loss plan. 

Referencing the body goals and weight goals will help you to visualize yourself at your goal and how you will look and feel at the end of your journey.

The goal of the vision board is to put you in a headspace that will motivate you to want to see your journey through to the end so you can feel the success of your ending goal image.

Reasons Weight Loss Vision Boards Help People Lose Weight

The reason that a vision board is a useful tool during weight loss is because it helps to foster a healthy mindset. Psychologically, you are more likely to follow through with your goals if you have a more optimistic mindset. 

While few studies have been done on the effectiveness of vision boards specifically, the term and psychological aspect of manifestation are utilized in the images and goals related to what you create for your vision board.

As positive goals are created along with ideas for your future, your state of mind and optimism will help you stay motivated throughout your journey.

What Are The Benefits of a Weight Loss Vision Board? 

When you decide to create a vision board, you’re essentially taking the first step to creating a healthy lifestyle. Having that visual reminder of your goals and why you want them will help reinforce these positive changes in your life.

It gives you something fun to look at, but it also reminds you daily about who YOU want to be: fit, happy, healthy…

Benefits include: 

  • Increased motivation to stay on track with your goals 
  • It helps you to focus on what’s important and keeps you accountable 
  • Increases your chance of success because you’re taking a more proactive approach 
  • It gives you a sense of accomplishment as you check off each goal
quote great success always starts with small step

stay motivated with your vision Board

Continue to add to your board as you see inspirational things to help.

Weight loss dream boards can be a huge help for sticking with your weight loss plan when you are having a bad day. 

Whether you are having a particularly unmotivated day during your workout plan, or you are struggling with your body image and food choices, a weight loss vision board that has been set up in a healthy way, for you, can be a wonderful asset to keeping you uplifted and ready to keep on going towards your goals!

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