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Can You Use Frozen Fruit for Infused Water? (8 Combinations)

Can you use frozen fruit for infused water? You bet, and you should! Adding fresh fruit that you have frozen instead of ice cubes is not only a flavorful way to keep water nice and cool, but it also is a great way to add extra vitamins and nutrient to just plain water. Read on to find out some top favorite combinations of fruit as well as the many health benefits of infused water.

4 glasses of water with fruit infused and fruit floating on top

Frozen Fruit-flavored Waters

Getting enough daily water intake can be hard, especially if you’re not used to drinking mainly water. Even following these awesome 13 Tips for Drinking More Water can leave you craving something with a little more flavor throughout the day.

I can relate because there was a time in my life that drinking a lot of water was just too difficult. I was hooked on those huge Sonic Route 44 Dr. Peppers with vanilla. Though sweet and refreshing on a hot summer day, they are the last thing you want in your body for optimum nutrition and/or weight loss.

Once I dedicated myself with a 30-Day Water Challenge, I was amazed at how much better I felt, how much better my skin looked and how those cravings for drinks with tons of added sugars began to disappear. 

benefits of drinking a gallon of water a day

And the best news is, with infused water, I was getting flavors that helped me to actually ENJOY drinking water!

Because of the bright color in fruit, it adds such a pretty pop of color. This makes fruit-infused water perfect to serve at parties, holiday parties, baby showers or back yard BBQs. Plus, when buying seasonal fruit, flavored water is super budget friendly when serving a crowd.

Keep in mind when adding frozen fruit to water, it does not begin to give off the subtle flavors until the fruit has thawed. So, if you are making a whole pitcher of water, I would recommend adding a combination of frozen and unfrozen fruit so the flavors.

As the fruit thaws, the combination of fruit will intensify the flavor of the water.

Why We Love Infused Water Recipes

  • Great alternative to unhealthy, sugary drinks that you find at the grocery store.
  • A refreshing drink that makes getting enough water each day easy!
  • Awesome and healthy way to use up leftover fruits.
  • Fruit is a delicious way to give water natural flavor instead of preservatives and chemicals.

Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

  • Helps hydration: Flavorful water makes staying hydrated so much tastier! Staying hydrated helps you have more energy, better sleep, digestion, healthy skin and muscle recovery after a workout.
  • Awesome alternative to other drinks: Whether it’s soda or even a lot of bottled flavored waters, making your own flavored water is a healthy way that ensures you know exactly what you’re ingesting…no nasty additives or preservatives.
  • Rich in vitamins: Most all fruit is a great source of nutritional benefits from vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C which is linked to a healthy immune system as well as other health benefits.
  • Work great as a detox: Some fruit infused waters are an easy way to help detox your system from impurities, especially when using lemon. 

What Type Water is Best to Use?

glass with water, blueberries and lemon

Let’s face it, most of the time we really just don’t know what’s in unfiltered tap water, which means you are left buying bottled water or a water filter. Here are some of the most common types of water and where they come from:

  • Mineral Water: Contains minerals that come from rock formations that the water travels through on its way to the natural springs.
  • Spring Water: In order for it to be classified as spring water, it can only be collected at the spring. These waters are some of the purest waters and are free of any chemicals or contaminants.
  • Purified Water: This type of water had been treated with processes such as distillation, reverse osmosis or deionization. Through these processes, bacteria and dissolved minerals have been removed from the water.
  • Artesian Water: This water has been tapped from deep underground wells where it flows freely and does not require pumps of other equipment to retrieve it.

How to Freeze Fresh Berries and Fruits

For all fresh produce, make sure to wash and dry it before freezing. To make berry ice cubes, you can just place them in ice cube trays topped off with a little for a couple of hours.

To add frozen fruit that isn’t in the form of an ice cube, you can just add them directly to the freezer. For best results, when freezing peaches, cucumbers, lemons, oranges and limes, line sheet pans with parchment paper.

Pat dry both sides of the thin slices fruit to remove the excess moisture. Place them in the freezer for about 4 hours or until frozen solid. Then just drop then in a freezer bag until you’re ready to use them. 

ice tray with fruit and water to be frozen

Best Type of Fruit for Infused Water

  • Grapefruit: rich in phytonutrients, vitamin A and C
  • Limes: acts as a wonderful aid in digestion plus they contain antioxidants
  • Watermelon: rich in vitamin A, C and
  • Oranges: rich in vitamin C and add a really sweet flavor to water
  • Lemons: like most citrus fruits, low in calories and good for our immune system
  • Strawberries: rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and add sweetness
  • Raspberries: full flavor and fiber and loaded with vitamins
  • Cucumbers: contain B vitamins and anti-cancer components
  • Limes: act as a wonderful aid in digestion plus they contain antioxidants
  • Oranges: rich in vitamin C and add a really sweet flavor to water
  • Cherry: great source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber
  • Pineapple: loaded with vitamin C and manganese

What Herbs Go with Fruit Infused Water

When using fresh herbs to infuse water, you have to be careful and not add too much. Most herbs can taste pretty strong, but when added in moderation they can really compliment the fruit and give the water a great flavor. Mint, rosemary, lemongrass, and basil are all wonderful choices.

How to Use Frozen Fruit to Infuse Water

3 bowls with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries

It really is just about as easy as it sounds. Add good-quality water to your glass, or your infuser water bottle, drop in the frozen fruit and that’s it!

If you want the berries or slices of fruit to give the water strong flavors and to provide even more nutrients, you could muddle (or mash) some unfrozen fruit to add to the water along with the frozen fruit. Once the frozen fruit has thawed and the water is gone, you’ll have fresh fruit to enjoy as a snack.

Popular Infused Water Combinations

While you can use any combination of flavors with any favorite fruits you prefer, here are some popular and healthy choices. These suggestions are for a tall drinking glass of water. Add more if making a pitcher full. For each of these, you’ll use about 2 cups of cold water. The longer you allow the water to sit, the more flavor it gives the water.

  • Orange Rosemary Water: Add 3 frozen orange slices with one sprig of fresh rosemary
  • Strawberry Mint Water: Add 4-5 frozen strawberries that you have halved to your glass with two fresh mint leaves.
  • Lemon Blueberry Lemon Water: Fill your glass or container with 10-15 frozen blueberries and 2-3 frozen lemon slices.
  • Lemon Cucumber Water: Add 2-3 lemon slices with 5-6 cucumber slices. This is a great detox water.
  • Watermelon Basil Water: For this combination, it’s best to use chill watermelon but not frozen. Add a few chunks to a glass with a couple of basil leaves.
  • Pineapple Strawberry Water: Muddle a couple of pieces of pineapple in the bottom of a glass and add 2-3 frozen strawberries.
  • Raspberry Grapefruit Water: Add a few frozen grapefruit sections with 6-8 frozen raspberries.
  • Cherry Lime Water: Remove the pit and muddle fresh cherries in the bottom of your glass. Add 3-4 slices of lime.

How Long Can Fruit Stay in a Pitcher of Water?

If you have made a large pitcher of fruit water, it will be fine anywhere from 1-2 hours to 2-3 days as long as the water is kept in the fridge. However, after about 24 hours, the water can begin to lose some of the sweet flavor and take in more bitter flavors.

If you want to keep the water longer, remove the fresh produce after a few hours. The water will still taste fruity but won’t deteriorate like it does with the fruit left in.

Want More Healthy Fruit Recipes?

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