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FDA Admits Chicken Meat Is Full Of Cancer-linked Arsenic

Do you eat chicken? You might want to think again. For years this issue was hidden under the rug. The food industry was turning a blind eye on it while people like you were consuming chicken without knowing it could hurt them. The truth is finally out.

Your Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic

The FDA has finally admitted that conventional chicken meat sold at grocery stores in the US can be dangerous to your health. It contains a cancer-causing strand of arsenic. While in high doses it can be fatal, it is toxic and harmful even in lower doses.

What’s ever more upsetting is that this is no accident. Arsenic is added to the chicken feed on purpose. The chicken consumes the toxic chemical through its feed, hence it ends up in the chicken meat humans are consuming. It’s not a new practice either. Americans have been consuming conventional chicken containing arsenic for the past sixty years.

You may wonder how did the arsenic got into the chicken feed in the first place. Alpharma LLC, a subsidiary of Pfizer is responsible for putting the arsenic into the feed. Pfizer has also been behind chemical-filled vaccines for children.

Despite the fact that its been going on for over half a century, the FDA has been denying this speculation until a recent study. Even though there is no scientific basis for this being even possible, the FDA has been claiming that the arsenic is removed from the chicken through feces and not landing in your food. Now that research has proved it otherwise, they couldn’t keep up the lie.

The new evidence has lead Roxarsone, chicken feed product manufacturer, to pull its product of the shelves.

Removing toxic feed off the shelves sounds like a promising move, in theory. The problem is that this doesn’t mean the are removing it from feed products internationally. Not all countries have strong regulations and their toxic products can pass elsewhere. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Though now the FDA admits that arsenic may be found in your chicken, they argue that its at a very low level and is safe for human consumption. Not surprisingly the National Chicken Council agree with the FDA’s statement claiming that chicken grown and sold in the US is safe. (8)

This is worrisome considering that arsenic a carcinogen that can increase your risk of cancer. Most people would probably agree that cancer isn’t worth even the slightest risk. In the meantime, instead of going after the farmers producing arsenic filled poultry, the FDA has gone after several companies that sell natural herbal products or nutritional supplements, including elderberry juice and raw milk.(9, 10)

What Can You Do?

Go Vegan or Vegetarian

It’s a no-brainer that going vegetarian is the best way to avoid any harm that is potentially coming from chicken or other meat. Going vegan is the best way to eliminate any risks and harm that potentially come from any animal food sources, such as chicken meat.

Stop Eating Chicken

If your only worry is arsenic in chicken, but you are not concerned about other meat and animal products, your best bet is to stop eating chicken altogether.

Reduce Your Chicken Consumption

If you are not ready to take a step to completely eliminate chicken and/or other food products coming from animal sources, reducing your consumption is an excellent start. Eat chicken on special occasions only. Even introducing Meatless Mondays is a powerful step you can do for your health.

Buy Organic

The main problem with chicken is in most brands that you buy at grocery stores and find at most restaurants. If you want to have chicken and other animal products as part of your regular diet, buy organic, cage-free, and free-range. Buy local. Talk to your grocer at your health food store and get to know your farmer at the farmer’s market. Ask questions to be able to make the right decisions. If you are eating out, opt for something other than chicken. Sticking to restaurants that serve organic, plant-based food is your safest option.

What Am I Going to Eat Now?

If you are planning to eliminate or reduce chicken from your diet, you may wonder what you can eat. I have good news for you! Your options are endless. Instead of moving onto other forms of meats and animal products, I urge you to consider plant-based alternatives.

Remember, chicken and other meat is all about flavoring. You can make fantastic meat-alternatives using tofu, tempeh, beans, nuts and more using the same, familiar flavoring. To make your life easier, there are some great mock-chickens and mock-meats on the market that even hardcore carnivores would love. You can easily meet your protein needs through plant-based sources, such as beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, and grains.

In all cases, to stay healthy your primary focus should be greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. By buying and eating smart, you can take charge of your health and well-being and don’t have to worry about purchasing arsenic filled chicken. Remember, you are also voting with your dollars. If you are putting your money towards organic, safe, real foods, you are voting for the world you want to live in and contributing to powerful change.

How do you feel about arsenic being in conventional chicken meat? How will you protect your health? Do you have a favorite chicken-free, plant-based recipe you can share with our community? Share in the comments below, we want to hear your opinion.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.