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Best Bra Bulge Exercises (Videos Plus a 30 Day Challenge)

Bra bulge is a problem that many women experience. It can be caused by fat, skin, or even breast tissue. In most cases, bra bulge is the presence of fat around the top and bottom of one’s bra, and the fat can also be noticeable around the armpit area. 

In some cause bra bulge is caused by breast tissue, and, unfortunately, there is little to be done when that is the case. Making sure you are wearing the correct size bra also makes a big difference. 

If you’re dealing with fat, the good news is there are exercises that can help with bra bulge! This type of fat may seem unsightly and impossible to get rid of, but in this post, we will discuss several exercises and ways to banish that bulge for good, with healthy habits and proper exercise targeting your problem areas.

What Is Bra Bulge? 

As mentioned above, bra bulge is the presence of fat, excess skin, or breast tissue around the bra line. This fat can accumulate around the armpits, the shoulders, back, and even the front of your chest under the breasts. It is actually a very common and fixable fat accumulation similar to stubborn muffin tops and belly fat.

What Causes Bra Bulge or Bra Fat? 

The cause of bra bulge can be a few different things. One is similar to any other accumulation of fat. It occurs when one takes in too many calories without exercising to burn off the fat stored from those extra calories. A lack of exercise and consumption of unhealthy foods makes it easier for our bodies to store and collect additional fats. 

Another reason could be your body type and genetics. Some of these components can factor into the amount of fat and difficulty in keeping it off. However, a simpler reason for the bra bulge could be that you’re wearing the wrong size bra! In fact, a study has found that nearly 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. 

The wrong fit of a bra, such as a band being too tight, can dig into your sides and create the presence of a bulge because the band is digging into your skin more than is necessary. Incorrect cup size can also play a role, especially if the cups are too small which can create creasing of the cups and spillage which creates the appearance of additional fat because of the improper fit. 

Going to get sized for a bra by a professional the next time you go bra shopping is a great way to find the correct size for your body and chest size.

The Best Exercises For Bra Bulge At Home Without Equipment


If you want to try exercises at home to reduce your bra bulge, then a classic option is push-ups. We are all familiar with what a push-up is but what you might not know are which specific areas this exercise focuses on. Push-ups are an upper body and core exercise that target areas directly affected by the bra bulge. 

These areas include pecs, shoulders, back arms, and around the armpit. Doing push-ups requires no additional equipment and is a very simple exercise that can tighten the fight in the problem areas and help eliminate the bra bulge by cutting fat and building muscle in those areas.

30 Day Plank Challenge

An exercise known as a plank is also an effective way of targeting the upper arm and chest areas that result in additional fat around one’s bra band. This exercise is also great for strengthening one’s balance and core. 

How to properly plank is to place your forearm down on a mat and tighten your core while holding your other arm up. You keep with this pose for a repetition and then switch sides and positions. These strengthen your core and helps to burn arm fat and tighten chest muscles. 

You can maximize the utility of this exercise to eliminate your bra bulge by using this 30 day plank challenge.


A superman may be an exercise you are not familiar with but it is another simple one, which requires no equipment! The superman exercise also allows you to exercise while lying down. This may seem counterintuitive, but trust me, it will also tighten your core and strengthen those back and legs muscles. 

The exercise starts with you laying on your stomach with your arms and legs straight out. From this position, you will tighten your core, glutes, and lift your arms and legs slightly up. Imagine you are trying to make a U shape but not in an extreme yoga stretching way. 

The goal here is to flex and tighten the muscles involved to burn off the calories and define the back area and around the shoulders.   

Exercises To Get Rid of Bra Fat At Home Using Equipment 

Bent Over Row with Dumbbells 

Dumbbells are a basic form of exercise equipment that can be easily attained and require no additional setup to use. This makes them perfect for simple exercises like the bent over row. 

This exercise is another that strengthens your core, balance, shoulders, and chest. You can utilize a bench or a wall if you feel you want something to balance yourself, or you can do this without any assistance if you have good balance. The proper position for this exercise is to place your feet apart in a similar position you would assume for a lunge. 

From here you will bend so that your back is parallel or nearly parallel with the floor to maintain your balance. You will pick up a dumbbell in each hand and hold it with your knuckles facing out. Then you will lift it straight up to your chest in alternating patterns. 

This exercise is good for toning the problem areas of bra bulge, and the additional weight of the dumbbells will assist in building and toning muscles in those areas as well.

Pull Ups

Pull-ups are another classic exercise that really builds arm and core strength, which is why they are a good choice for focusing on bra bulge. To achieve this exercise, you will need a pull-up bar or a pull-up machine, whichever is most accessible. 

To start a pull up you will hang from the bar and then pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. Then you will lower yourself back down. This is a difficult exercise if you do not already have much upper arm strength, but don’t let that discourage you. By slowly improving with this exercise, you can work out your back and arm muscles and burn a lot of calories. The added effect is improved core strength and upper body abilities.


To achieve this exercise, you can use dumbbells or a light exercise bar. To begin the proper position for this, you will need to be laying on your back with your knees up. From here you can lift the dumbbells in an arch, with your arms straight, above your head. 

This exercise will work your chest muscles and your upper arms, allowing you to get a full arch rotation of your arms with the dumbbells or exercise bar in order to help burn calories and tone problem areas. Your shoulders are also an area which is targeted in the pullover, making it a great upper body workout. This simple exercise focuses on the target of the bra bulge and requires simple performance.

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Bra Fat Using Exercise?

Losing bra fat is not something that will happen overnight, much like any other form of weight loss. It requires regimented exercise and a healthy diet to change the things that helped to cause the bulge in the first place. 

On average, an exercise routine should take at least a couple of weeks to see any results, and once you are firmly in a routine of diet and exercise, in the next months, you should be able to really see the progress you are making towards your goals.

How Often Should I Exercise to Get Rid of Bra Bulge?    

To lose weight, you need to lose around 3,500 calories to lose a single pound. On average, WebMD suggests that a safe way to burn calories and lose weight is to exercise about 3 or more hours every week in a routine accompanied by a proper diet. 

This is a comfortable amount to work into an exercise routine and, along with healthy eating, will help you to diminish your bra bulge and keep the fat off.

Is Exercise Necessary to Get Rid of Bra Fat on My Back? 

Similar to weight loss in any form or for any other problem area, exercise is an important and necessary component. While exercise is necessary for weight loss, it is not the only thing that is necessary. Diet and planning are also essential. 

Building a routine that you can stick to that includes healthy eating, scheduling, and routine exercise will help you to keep your bra bulge banished for the long term. By creating a plan with the exercises above, mixed with healthy eating, and focusing on your body’s specific goals, you can burn the fat you want to and keep it off!

Final Thoughts

Dealing with bra bulge can be frustrating. Luckily there are quite a few bra fat exercises you can do at home both with and without equipment in order to say goodbye to bra bulge for good!

While bra bulge can cause a lack of self-confidence in your body’s appearance, you should not let that deter you from creating goals and an exercise routine for yourself. It may seem like a lot of work to build the routine, but with this post, you have a starting point for exercise styles that target your specific problem of bra bulge! The important thing to remember is that you can eliminate that bra bulge with healthy habits and targeted exercise! 

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