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Stop Googling the Magic Pill for Weight Loss: 7 Steps that Saved Me

You can say I stumbled onto fitness by accident and be completely correct. I am far from the strongest and the fittest person around, but for me, my body has exceeded everything I believed it was capable of a long time ago. 

I hear women all of the time asking what the magic pill is. For years I wondered the same thing. I was googling how to lose weight as much as anyone else, looking for the one thing to help me drop into a size 4. 

To say I have learned a lot in the last 7+ years is an understatement. It’s not only about what I have learned, so much through trial and error but what I have gained internally also has shaped me into actually enjoying this midlife aging. 

lady on a walk outside taking a selfie

There are so many things I wish I had known over 20 years ago…but we can say that about so many areas of our life, right? 

So, for the women over 40 googling, How to Lose Weight right now. Here is my answer…it’s probably not what you want to find because it takes a lot of work, a lot of changing, patience and consistency. 

Here’s what I would tell my younger self

  1. Change your diet forever (not a short term diet, but diet as in nutrition)
  2. Track your macros (learn what macros are if you don’t know yet – SUPER important)
  3. Workout daily – really sweat (pick up some weights, walk, change it up often)
  4. Drink at least a gallon of water a day (grab this water challenge)
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Supplement your micros (take vitamins)

If you are like me, every one of those items will be new for you. Don’t read that list and allow yourself to be defeated before you even start. 

Choose one of them (ideally one from 1-3), live it 100%, and here’s where the “magic” happens. You will WANT to add another item to the list. 

Gradually, you will have the desire to add more lifestyle changes from the list as you begin to feel healthier, stronger, and more capable. You will develop the energy you had many years ago or maybe more than you have had in your life. Your muscles will begin to develop and carrying in a load of groceries at once will be easier. 

You will have to trust me on this right now. The first step is the hardest, I know, I remember. 

I did leave out a step above though…mindset.

      7. Mindset change (this is #1)

You have to get your head straight and ready. How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something for your health? Yeah, I was the same way. 

It’s so easy to talk ourselves out of going for a walk or have that dessert one more time. 

If this sounds like you, start with this 5 Day Mindset Challenge. I will walk you through the journey to better health, a stronger, more energetic you that can survive the midlife woes so much easier. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.