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Tone and Strengthen Your Arms With This Quick 30 Day Arm Challenge

Every woman over 40 wants lean, toned arms. This 30 day arm challenge will tone and strengthen with only a few minutes a couple of times per week, combined with a great nutritional and workout plan.

30 day arm challenge

While I am a firm believer in whole-body workouts and have had great success with strength training workouts, I realize whether you’re at the start of your fitness or a seasoned gym-goer, our arms could use a little extra TLC.

While I hope you feel great about yourself no matter how fit, there is an added confidence boost when we are stronger and more fit.

The ability to be as active as we want, being able to enjoy life to the fullest, really does increase our happiness with a little extra bounce in our step.

This workout is designed to be combined with the other Fit Found Me workouts to help you lose weight and tone your entire body.

arm toning workouts
how to lose arm fat

30 Day Arm Challenge

The exercises used in this arm workout are:

  • 10 Pushdowns with resistance band
  • 10 Kickbacks
  • 10 Tricep dips

The arm workout video should be repeated 2 – 3 times through for the best impact.

Arm Workout with Weights

If you have access to weights, this arm workout video is another workout option.

cardio no equipment indoor workout

30 Day Arm Challenge Nutrition

Overall good, healthy nutrition should be part of your 30-day arm challenge. It is a myth that we can eat whatever we want as long as you are exercising. Well, I should say for those of us over 40, it is definitely a myth. Some of us were actually able to eat whatever we wanted 20+ years ago, but even then it would have been difficult to have beautifully toned muscles.

Your muscles require certain nutrients to grow and develop the toned appearance that gets rid of the flabby arms.

I go into these details in the Fit Found Me Weight Loss Challenge, but some of the tips included are:

  • Increase lean protein
  • Increase vegetables
  • Decrease junk food, processed foods
  • Increase water
  • Track calories in
  • Exercise 5-6 days per week

Those are the basics of losing weight after 40 and creating a beautifully toned body.

fat burning workout

I believe in you and I believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

Generally, we have all given a low priority to our health as we have taken care of others for 20+ years. Now it is time to take care of yourself and then you will be able to help others even more!

I know you want to have the energy and stamina to do great things at this time of your life! What are you waiting for? Hit play on that arm workout video and get started today!

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