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24 Stunning Recipes That Will Change The Way You Think About Broccoli


From brilliant broccoli dishes packed with simplicity, to perfect pairings with sweet potatoes, to scrumptious salads, it seems there’s nothing broccoli can’t achieve. We all know broccoli is good for us, and this list is a fantastic compilation celebrating the marvelous green nutritious beast.

Be prepared to change the way you see broccoli, as it is one impressive vegetable.


1. Broccoli Avocado Salad by Paleohacks

The coconut aminos add an aromatic depth of flavor alongside the creamy avocado to give a delicious twist to the not-so-boring broccoli.

2. Broccoli Bacon Salad by Paleohacks

If you love bacon, then you will love this broccoli dish. With the classic olive oil and lemon dressing, it makes a simple veggie become a master of its kind.

3. Mushroom and Broccoli Soup by Paleohacks

Those that love powerful flavors will definitely want to make this soup. It’s a creamy, dairy-free soup that is ideal for a light lunch or a side to a main meal.

4. Sweet Potato and Broccoli Combination by Paleohacks

Two recipes in one! Sweet potato and broccoli are two ingredients that combine well due to their taste and texture. Try the winter salad with honey mayo, and the simple concoction of sweet potato and broccoli in these two creative recipes.

5. Smoked Chicken with Onion & Broccoli by Paleohacks

You’ll have this meal ready in under 15 minutes! Give this Smoked Chicken with Onion & Broccoli recipe a try this week for an easy mid-week dinner.

6. Broccoli Fritters by PaleOMG

A genius and easy creation that screams flavor comes from this great combination of garlic, onion and broccoli.

7. Brilliant Broccoli by Jamie Oliver

It doesn’t get any simpler than this – a super basic side dish of steamed broccoli cooked to perfection.

8. Paleo Broccoli Salad by Health Bent

Complete utilization of ingredients is the name of the game with this salad. This broccoli dish is quite light and refreshing. It’s definitely a recipe for those that love the sweet & salty combo.


Photo courtesy of BBC Good Food

9. Tender Stem Broccoli with Sesame by BBC Good Food

Add a shot of color to your meal with this bright and fresh side dish of tender stem broccoli. Look out for this variety when it’s in-season, and stock up!

10. Herby Broccoli by BBC Good Food

Jazz up a side of broccoli with Italian flair using a mix of herbs, pesto and pine nuts. This is a winning combination that takes minimal prep time.

11. Broccoli with Garlic & Lemon by BBC Good Food

An oldie but a goodie – the mix of garlic and lemon with broccoli works every time. Follow this recipe to perfect this classic dish.

12. Broccoli Coleslaw by Wellness Mama

Here’s a new and easy way to take an old favorite and add it to your meal rotation. This would be great alongside sweet potatoes and your preferred protein dish.

13. Broccoli Hummus by Choosing Raw

Forget the zucchini or traditional chickpea hummus, as the mighty broccoli has stepped into the mix. Give it a try for a tasty twist alongside some raw veggies to dip into the creamy goodness!

14. Curried Cream of Broccoli Soup by Nom Nom Paleo

This dairy-free soup is a hit amongst the Paleo crowd. It uses coconut milk to create the creamy texture for a heart-warming soup.


Photo courtesy of Primal Palate

15. Sautéed Broccoli Greens by Primal Palate

The green broccoli leaves often get cast aside, but watch for them at farmers’ markets or, if you grow your own broccoli, keep the leaves and use them to sauté alongside fresh herbs and garlic.

16. Roasted Broccoli by Primal Palate

This has to be an ultimate winner! Roasted broccoli is so utterly scrumptious that I urge you to make a batch this week and gobble it all up.


Photo courtesy of Oh My Veggies

17. Broccoli Parmesan Meatballs by Oh My Veggies

This recipe takes a twist without using meat for the meatballs – but wait – the mix of almonds, parmesan and broccoli will make up for it with the taste. Enjoy these alongside a huge salad, roasted veggies or spaghetti squash.

18. How to Cook Broccoli 5 Ways by The Kitchn

To become a broccoli pro, one needs to master the art of how to prep. Learn the way with these 5 methods of how to cook broccoli which will help you easily add this vegetable to your weekly grocery trip.

19. Greek Broccoli Salad by Cookie + Kate

For a healthy salad packed with Greek flavors, give this Greek Broccoli Salad a try, as it has a great mix of sun-dried tomatoes, olives, garlic and lemon. You won’t be disappointed!


Photo courtesy of Eat Drink Paleo

20. Paleo Broccoli Pancakes by Eat Drink Paleo

Broccoli and pancakes?! Yes, you heard correctly. It may sound like an odd combination, but if you love savory pancakes and fritters, then this is the recipe for you.

21. Sweet Green Smoothie (Banana Broccoli) by Tasty Yummies

Broccoli in a smoothie – whatever will they think of next! We’ve all tried kale and spinach in a smoothie, so why not give broccoli a whirl this week? Just be sure to add sweet fruits to get the right balance for a yummy smoothie.

22. Asian Glazed Salmon with Roasted Broccolini and Asparagus by Against All Grain

This meal can be on your table in 30 minutes. For a mid-week feast, give this Asian-inspired dish a try with the family. Everyone will love the tender stalks of the broccolini (honestly).

23. Ginger, Sesame and Almond Broccoli by The Healthy Foodie

You will be surprised by the incredible amounts of flavors that emanate from such a simple little dish. Boost broccoli with ginger and sesame for a new favorite side!

24. Broccoli Pesto by Green Kitchen Stories

When you hear pesto, do you think broccoli? No, I didn’t think so. However, don’t be put off, as it can make a super pesto recipe, as shown in this Broccoli Pesto. You might find you can’t keep your hands off the whole batch.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.