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Weight Loss Challenges for Women Over 40

Using challenges to lose weight can be a fun way to break up the struggle to lose weight. No matter what your goals are, changing habits can be tough!

I found losing weight after 40 easiest when I focused on daily objectives rather than a monthly or even weekly goal. Having a calendar to visually see daily workout progress was both rewarding and motivating.

Here are some of my workout challenges pdf downloads you can print to check off as you go. I hope they will be equally as motivating for you!

If the challenge doesn’t come in a calendar format, print a blank calendar and check off as you go with the workout completed.

Printable Workout Challenge 30 Days and Less

22 Day Ab Workout in 8 Min

home workouts with beachbody

If you are already in good shape, this 22-day ab workout can be just what you need to get those abs in peak condition. If you are just starting on your fitness journey, this workout can get you seeing some real changes which will help motivate you to keep it up and make those changes.

Walking to Exercise Legs, Joints and Burn Fat

stephanie tying shoe on bridge during daily walk

I am such a firm believer in daily walking! Even with regular strength training workouts, daily walking for 30-45 min (or more!) has such a visible improvement in my leg and hip tone. Follow along with this 30 Day Walking Challenge to maximize your calorie burn.

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