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Quick Cardio Workout Using Only 3 Exercises and No Equipment

Wanting to workout, but not wanting to pay for the gym membership?  Are you on the road without access to your fitness equipment? No worries!  Regardless of if you are looking for a temporary fix or you just want to center your regular routine around a cardio no equipment workout, you can make it work! You do not need to be surrounded by expensive equipment in order to get fit.

lady running up a flight of stairs for quick cardio using no equipment

Let’s face it, exercise is vitally important. We all know that fitness offers tremendous benefits.  Not only to our physical health, but our mental health as well.

Have you ever just felt so overwhelmed with the everyday demands of life that the only way that you could get through your mile-long list of to-do’s is by taking a break from it to exercise?

There is a reason that you often see people in business wear walking down the sidewalk in tennis shoes during the lunch hour.  They need to take a break, get their blood pumping and getting a fresh start mid-day. It works!

Is a cardio no equipment workout actually beneficial?

We have all been so conditioned to believe that a fancy gym membership, or expensive fitness equipment is the only way to get ourselves in tip top shape. 

The reality is though, that while these can be really great tools, they are not our only option. You can get an amazing workout with no equipment at all.  

Is a cardio no equipment workout safe?

One beneficial thing about no equipment cardio workouts is that they are typically safe and easy to learn, unlike fitness equipment or gym classes.

This is great for those who are beginners to cardio workouts or those who are overweight and looking to break into fitness. The idea of working out without pricey equipment or an intimidating gym membership is a more enticing way for many beginners to get started.

Just like with any other type of workout, it is highly recommended that you begin a cardio no equipment workout with a 5-10 minute warm up. Jumping straight into an intense cardio workout session without having first warmed up your muscles will make injury more likely.    

Here are some other safety tips to follow during a cardio no equipment workout:

  • Wear proper shoes.  Wearing proper shoes is a very important aspect of fitness.  You can prevent injury. Good, proper shoes are also important for comfort.
  • Choose a spacious workout area.  Before you decide on your no cardio workout, choose a spacious workout area.  Make sure that you have enough space to jump, move side to side, expand your arms and legs and lay down.  You should also have enough space for a workout (or yoga) mat with several feet of space on all sides.

What is the best no equipment cardio workout?

The most important thing about your no equipment cardio workout is that it needs to be fast paced, challenging and consistent. The goal for your workout is for you to maintain intensity in order to keep your heart rate up enough to burn calories.  

The following are some great exercises for the best no equipment cardio workouts that you can do for maximum benefit:


The burpee has been called one of the best full body exercises for an increased heart rate as well as toning muscles. 

A burpee is a four step exercise which begins in a standing position, moves to a squat with hands on the ground, hands planted on the ground, the legs are then kicked out to a full plank and brought back and then back up to a standing position.

Do 10 reps as quickly as you can at least 3 times per day. 

lady working out in living room at home doing cardio without equipment

Stair Sprints

Do you have access to a staircase?  If so, this is a great tool for a cardio no equipment workout. 

Sprint up the staircase, one step at a time and walk back down the steps.  Repeat for 5-10 minutes (or until you can no longer continue).

Figure Eight Lunges

Lunges are great for toning leg and glute muscles. Because your leg muscles are the largest muscles in our body, leg exercises burn the most calories.

To do a figure eight lunge, you stand with your feet together and your arms by your sides. Step one leg back into a lunge position, sweeping your arms down and across the opposite hip.  Swiftly step one foot back, while swinging your arms to the opposite side right leg back into a lunge and sweep arms down and across left hip (your arms should be making a figure eight pattern throughout this workout). Do 10-20 reps (or until you can no longer continue).

These are just some of the best cardio no equipment workouts that you can do for maximum benefit. It is my hope that anyone wanting to workout can see that there is no need for a gym membership or expensive fitness gear, you can get amazing results without them!   

What workouts have you been doing to lose weight? Would you rather workout at home or at the gym?

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