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Fitness + Health Deals on Amazon Prime Day

I know you love a good deal as much as I do, so I am sharing the Fitness + Health (and maybe even some for the kids and for fun thrown in) deals on Prime Day I find here with you in one central location.

Some items will be things I already own and love, others may be items I am purchasing myself, or just blown out of the water great deals I find along the way!

Alright…let’s go shopping!

Fitness Watches

I have worn a fitness watch for almost my entire fitness journey…about 8 years now! Personally, they are a huge motivator for me to hit daily goals as well as interesting to compare stats like sleep, heart health, oxygen level, steps, etc.

I have had several brands such as FitBit, Polar, Apple and Garmin. They are all good, it just depends on your style and needs.

ladies garmin fitness watch venu

Garmin Venu – 37% OFF

This is the watch both myself and my husband have had for the last several years and it has been my all time favorite. They make different color watch bands and face sizes.

halo watch

Halo View – 44% OFF only $44!!!

Garmin Vivoactive – 43% OFF

Kitchen Gadgets

My eyes were on the lookout for appliances and tools to minimize our time in the kitchen while providing healthy foods for our families…and I found some great deals!

Instant Pot – 33% OFF

Espresso Machines – 20% OFF

Knife Block Set – Lightning Deal – 15% OFF – Over

GoWise AirFryer – Lightning Deal – 40% OFF

Fitness Equipment

Stocking a home gym can be expensive, especially this year as we have seen the price of dumbbells and similar equipment skyrocket. Getting equipment on sale is more important than ever.


Adjustable Dumbbells – 22% OFF

Apple AirPods – 28% OFF

Indoor Exercise Bike – Lightning Deal – 47% OFF – Over

Home Items That I Love or Want

Some of these items I already have and others are just great deals I think you may like. What do home items have to do with health and fitness? If we can streamline any of the household chores or save time with better equipment, we can make more time for fitness. If an item brings us joy, it has a reflection on our health and wellbeing.

irobot roomba vacuum 692

iRobot Roomba 692 Vacuum – 40% OFF

We have had our Roomba now for 3 years and it’s still working great! Definitely a time saver, especially with our goldens!

kindle paperwhite reader

Kindle Paperwhite Reader – Amazing deal with 3 mos Kindle Unlimited Included

I’ve had my Kindle for a year now. I read every night before bed.

Comfort Mat for Kitchen – Lightning Deal – 17% OFF

General Health

Just some random health items!

23andMe – Find out what health dispositions you have! – 50% OFF

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