7 Ways to Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions Stick

weight loss resolutions

weight loss resolutions
weight loss resolutions

Weight loss resolutions are always a tricky subject. How many people really keep them for even 3 months? 1 month? 1 week? New Year’s weight loss resolutions are usually the habits you know you should have broken long ago but haven’t been able to do it.

It’s the chain smoker who smokes the “last” cigarette at 11:59pm December 31, or the person who wants to lose weight but expects to implement 100% of the healthy habits starting on January 1.

Long term habits take long term changes, long term changes start with baby steps.

Baby steps have to have a vision, and a plan.

7 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions Stick

weight loss resolutions

1 – Dig deep to discover your WHY. It has to be deeper than to look good on Spring Break. Your WHY must be emotionally charged and more important than your favorite dessert or junk food.

2 – Plan, plan and more plan. Think of your weight loss resolutions as a business. You would never start a business without a detailed plan. Weight loss resolutions are a huge lifestyle change. Make a plan and be willing to adjust as necessary when something doesn’t work as planned.

3 – Part of planning is choosing a workout structure. Some people excel at going to a gym, others need more convenience by working out at home. Whatever works for you, make sure to have it in place on day one. Fit Found Me offer’s workout programs with high rates of success.

4 – Prepare for discouragement. Chances are, you will be discouraged by many things when first starting off. Perhaps the workouts are harder than expected, scales aren’t budging, willpower to avoid certain foods is low, and I could go on. It won’t be perfect. Do you best and remember each choice is a new start.

5 – Join a weight loss group for camaraderie, support and education. Fit Found Me has a Facebook Weight Loss Community. Day after day, there are postings from members that help others either through motivation, encouragement, or discovering a new way of doing something. Weight loss is universal and learning from each other is a powerful tool.

6 – Realize workouts and nutrition go hand in hand. No amount of working out can overcome poor nutrition. It just doesn’t. Healthy nutrition has to be invited to the game. In the past few years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t.The 21 Day Fix is a remarkable nutrition model to use. Very simple, using fresh foods, lean protein with many resources available.

7 – Don’t call your weight loss a New Year’s Resolution. I know, I just heard you gasp. Also, while we’re at it, don’t go on a diet. If you are serious about losing weight, it is a lifestyle change. You are making the decision to put your health a priority. That is big. You are deciding to enjoy life more by having the ability to play an active part of life.

Congratulations for choosing to make the changes. It will be hard work, but pretty soon, the momentum will start and you will be unstoppable on the weight loss and healthy living train.

Don’t allow broken New Year’s weight loss resolutions to stand in your way this year. It can be your year for good health!



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