Week 3 Weight Loss Challenge for Women Over 40 : Week of Change + Results

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Week 3 weight loss challenge is here! The week is packed full of fat burning workouts, nutritional guidance, and tips to staying motivated to lose weight and get in shape for every woman over 40.

You are on a roll! This is the 3rd week of 2018 and you are determined this year will be a year of better health!

Better health starts with creating new habits…maybe even habits you never thought you’d have to work so hard on. It’s totally worth it though! Picture it…you having the energy, stamina, and strength to do whatever you want!

So, no discouragement allowed here. This new changes will be tough, but take them one day at a time.

Speaking of time…I realize your time is so tight. Sometimes it’s hard to find an extra few minutes for a workout, but trust me on this, it is so necessary. Pop over to see these 5 strategies never to miss a workout if you have trouble with consistency.

Habits have to be forced at first, but soon become so routine it will take less effort to fit into that busy schedule of yours. Taking the time for yourself is not only acceptable but so necessary for us to be our best self.

Get ready, week 3 weight loss challenge is about to change your life.

Let’s go, have your best week yet!

Do every workout this week…all 6!

You can do this! One day at a time equals fabulous changes!



weight loss challenge

Start the week 3 weight loss challenge off strong with this full body workout. Do the video below 2 – 3 times through. Take short breaks as needed, but get right back in and finish strong. Don’t make these mistakes I made in the beginning of my weight loss journey.

Post a sweaty selfie on Instagram (#fitfoundme) or in our private Facebook community to encourage and inspire someone else!


No Equipment Cardio Workout

weight loss challenge tuesday

Are you finding it difficult to eat enough after a workout? While it is normal to be hungry after a workout, it’s important to stay on point with nutrition so that awesome workout doesn’t go to waste by overeating. Make sure to get the recovery nutrition your hard-working muscles need for creating beautifully toned muscles. Protein in the form of a post-workout shake or lean protein like chicken breast is ideal…and don’t forget those veggies!

You can pop over to this protein post to get all of the information you need.

This is my absolute favorite protein shake and meal replacement shake. It has a whopping 8 grams of fiber, which will help you stay FULL longer while feeding your body and especially your muscles all of the right stuff! Highly, highly recommend ordering some today. It is exactly what I used to lose over 35 lbs several years ago. It helps cravings AND hunger. I would have some 2 – 3 times a day, with a good healthy dinner and a light snack or two throughout the day. Questions? Pop over to the Facebook community and I will be happy to help you!

We all would love to have flat toned abs for summer vacation this year, am I right? Let’s get working on them!


Abs Workout

Repeat this video 2 – 3 times for a great ab workout!


Wednesday workout for january weight loss challenge


Happy Humpday! Half way through the week 3 weight loss challenge!

Don’t take a break today! Keep that momentum going because every single day of your hard work is making a difference!

It can be difficult to see the big picture right now, but in 30 days, 60, 90 days you will see HUGE differences if you stay the course. Hang in and fight every day for your best effort.

Visit the Facebook community, post something every day for additional accountability. Share this challenge with a friend and workout together! Be sure to join the weekly Wednesday night Facebook Live in the community tonight at 8pm EST!

No excuses, just get this workout done today! You will be so glad you did when those natural happy hormones start rushing through your body!


Butt, Legs & Thighs Workout

Repeat video 2 – 3 times.




Thursday workout for january weight loss challenge

Ok, Thursday is here and by now you are so committed to YOU!

Today we are knocking this workout out of the park with a full body toning sesh!

Say hello to a slimmer toned body and goodbye to the jiggles!


Full Body Strength Training and Toning

Repeat video 2 – 3 times.




Friday workout for january weight loss challenge


Yay for Friday!

Celebrate today by doing a HIIT that will burn calories for up to 24 hours AFTER your workout!

I truly love the HIITs, they are fast and effective. In fact, adding in this HIIT to your routine 2-3 times a week will pack such a punch to your calorie burn that results will happen faster than you expect!

You can choose your own HIIT workout today or use the one below. Whatever you do, create the pattern of high heart rate for 30 seconds – 1 min, then do a low-intensity exercise for 30 seconds – 1 min, or until you have caught your breath a bit, then ramp up the exercise again.

The beauty of a HIIT beginner workout is you can use whatever exercise you want. Jumping jacks and squats would work just as well as a HIIT Treadmill workout!

HIIT Workout for Beginner or Intermediate

Using the timing mentioned above, rotate through these exercises for 12 – 25 min.

Jumping Jacks
High Knees
Mountain Climbers


Saturday workout for january weight loss challenge


My workouts and daily activity stepped up a notch after I got my first fitness tracker. Since then, I have gone through 3 trackers and still swear by them. In fact, I even gave my mom one last year and she has stepped up her activity level!

Trackers are great for giving a visual of your activity and giving you a nudge to get up and move!

There are so many on the market today, but after trying out several, my favorite is the FitBit Blaze. I really like the focus on the watch being fitness – personally, I don’t need all of the apps from Apple Watch and I enjoy the friend capability on the Fitbit. You can have a Fitbit community of friends to do weekly and daily challenges with. If you are competitive, this can be another motivating push for you!

Today’s workout is as quick and convenient as you need it to be. I know how Saturday workouts can sometimes be even more difficult, so let’s make it easy for success!

This arm workout can be done almost anywhere!


Arms – Tricep Workout

Repeat 2 – 3 times.



Sunday workout for january weight loss challenge


Ahhhhhhhh….Sunday. A great rest day if you’d like, or you can take a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood if the weather is good, on a treadmill, or somewhere enclosed and comfy!

Week 3 of the weight loss challenge in the books!

Give yourself a big pat on the back for putting another week of workouts and healthy nutrition in your bank of good health!

Next week, you will feel stronger with a little more endurance! So…rest today and be ready for another great week tomorrow!

How has this weight loss challenge been going? Let me know by commenting below. 


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