Tone and Strengthen Your Arms With This Quick 30 Day Arm Challenge

Every woman over 40 wants lean, toned arms.

This 30 day arm challenge will tone and strengthen with only a few minutes a couple of times per week, combined with a great nutritional and workout plan.

The exercises used in this arm workout are:

– 10 Pushdowns with resistance band – 10 Kickbacks – 10 Tricep dips

30 Day Arm Challenge Nutrition

Healthy nutrition should be part of your 30-day arm challenge. It is a myth that we can eat whatever we want as long as you are exercising.

I should say for those of us over 40, it is definitely a myth.

Some of us were actually able to eat whatever we wanted 20+ years ago, but even then it would have been difficult to have beautifully toned muscles.

Your muscles require certain nutrients to grow and develop the toned appearance that gets rid of the flabby arms.

I go into these details in the Fit Found Me Weight Loss Challenge, but some of the tips included are:

– Increase lean protein – Increase vegetables – Decrease junk food, processed foods – Increase water – Track calories in – Exercise 5-6 days per week