Parsley Juicing Benefits and Uses

If you are like a lot of people, you may just consider raw parsley something green and pretty that garnishes your plate. Or you may have used it in small amounts to flavor a recipe

Parsley contains myristicin, an essential oil with anti-inflammatory properties. And while eating parsley on its own is beneficial, parsley, in juice form provides concentrated levels of nutrients that the body absorbs more easily.

Parsley and parsley juice can play a critical role in the immune system. It contains beta-carotene, chlorophyll, and vitamins C which are all amazing healing compounds for fighting off allergies and infections by strengthening your immune system.

May Boost the Immune System

Parsley contains apiol which is an essential oil that acts as a urinary tract antiseptic. Because parsley acts as a natural diuretic it has been shown to help flush out bad bacteria in the body’s bladder and urinary tract that causes infection kidney stones.

May Aid with Bladder and Kidney Health and Bladder Infections

May Assist with Weight Loss

While juicing alone will not work, there are studies that show parsley juice helps rid the body of excess fluid, especially water retention around the stomach..

May Aid Digestion

Parsley’s high vitamin C and folic acid content helps to settle indigestion and an upset stomach.

Because parsley is rich in copper, it has been shown to be a benefit to your hair and scalp. Parsley, topically applied as an essential oil from parsley extracts or added to your shampoo and massaged into your scalp, has been shown to reduce hair loss.

May Assist in Hair Health