How to Workout and Lose Fat Without Losing Weight

If you want to have a body that looks in shape and is stronger and healthier than ever you need to build muscle.

Can You Exercise Without Losing Weight?

Yes, you can exercise without losing weight. In fact, everyone should exercise simply for the overall health benefits.

What Burns First Fat Or Muscle?

Naturally, your body burns fat first after any food in the digestive system, and then uses muscle tissue for energy when in a prolonged fasted state.

How To Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle

Best way of burning fat without losing muscle is easy when you follow some key rules of consistency and good overall health with physical activity and stay away from junk food.

How To Tone Up And Build Muscle Without Losing Weight

Many women fear building muscle because they are worried they will bulk up.

Many yoga poses are naturally bodyweight resistance exercises that can help tone and build lean muscle without burning a large number of calories that are hard to replace to help maintain your weight.


Kettlebell exercises

Kettlebell exercises are great for building muscle and burning fat.