How To Get Rid of Hip Dips – And Why That’s a Trick Question

Hip dips are the curves that are found right below your hips and extend to the top of your thighs.

Depending on the person and the body type, this natural contour of the body, or the hip dips might be very noticeable, but they also might be very subtle.

WHAT ARE HIP DIPS? Hip dips are the natural indentations that occur in the area beginning at the bottom of your hip and extend to the top of your thigh.

ARE MY HIP DIPS A SIGN THAT I’M UNHEALTHY? Please do not worry. Having noticeable hip dips is not a sign that you are not healthy. Most people have them, no matter how much fat or muscle they have, or what their diet is.

7 EXERCISES TO GET RID OF HIP DIPS – OR AT LEAST MINIMIZE THEIR APPEARANCE We all know that exercise is great for many things. This list of lower body exercises will not only minimize hip dips, but they will also help our physical and mental health, as most exercise does

1. Standing kickback lunges Standing kickback lunges are great for building balance and stability. This exercise helps to minimize hip dips because it works your thighs and butt when done at least 3-5 times per week.


2. Standing Side Leg Lifts This exercise, standing side leg lifts, works to strengthen the muscle along your hips and butt, which means that it is a great exercise for working on hip dips

3. Side Leg Raises (Lying Down) When trying to figure out how to get rid of hip dips, side leg raises are a must to add into your workout routine. This workout focuses on your upper thighs and butt and is great for minimizing the look of hip dips.

4. Glute Bridges Figuring out how to get rid of hip dips is much easier when you throw an exercise like glute bridges into your routine


5. Leg Kickbacks Exercises to get rid of hip dips are abundant, but leg kickbacks are a very good exercise for creating natural change in hip dips.

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