Exercises Throughout Your Day to Get Rid of Your Mom Butt

Even if you are doing regular workouts, it’s likely your butt needs some extra attention to be lifted and toned once you reach that midlife madness era

These exercises can easily be done while doing things like brushing teeth and washing dishes. Do them for about 30-60 seconds each side, rotating through.

Standing Leg Lift

Lift the right leg to your side, turning your toe slightly in, to the floor, raising your leg about knee high while keeping your core tight.

Standing Leg Lift Shortened

This time movement will be the highest point and halfway down for a short pulsed movement.


Standing on one foot, raise one leg, bend and place foot behind knee at an angle. With short pulse movements, move leg up and back.


With one leg behind you, toe resting on the floor, lift leg at a slight angle up and out


Using different variations you can add in some squats while brushing your teeth, waiting for water to boil, etc.