Carb Cycling for Women Who Love Carbs

Wondering how this fits into a low carb diet? If you are left wondering what is carb cycling, what are high carb days, what are low carb days and how to carb cycle for fat loss, you need to continue reading.

Carb cycling is a healthy diet plan that can help you lose weight and feel great. Who doesn’t want that? I’m a woman who loves carbs, but I don’t just want to eat pasta every day!

What Is Carb Cycling For Women?

It is the process of lowering your carb consumption for a short period of time before gradually increasing it.

What Is A Carb Cycling Diet?

A carb cycling diet is alternating carb macro amounts different days of the week. You may have 3 low carb days and 4 high carb days per week.

Benefits Of Carb Cycling

Carb cycling can be an incredibly powerful tool for consistently losing weight. This is because it allows you to eat the foods that you love (and crave) while still attaining your desired results.

Boost Metabolism

A high-carb day, like lighting a fire, satisfies your metabolism. As a result, you keep your lean muscle and burn more calories.