Best Whole Body Exercises for Horseback Riding (Improve your balance and more!)

Truth be told, all of my workouts fit into exercises for horseback riding because it was my reason for losing weight over 8 years ago.

Balance, strength and endurance are a key component to riding and being equestrian fit is a bit different than overall fitness.

WHY IT’S A GOOD IDEA TO BE EQUESTRIAN FIT Focusing on increasing strength in upper body as well as lower body will benefit your riding position.

HOW TO GET INTO SHAPE FOR HORSEBACK RIDING 1. A comprehensive whole body workout program 2. Step two would be not to give up, stay consistent 3. Step three is nutrition.

Can you lose weight while horseback riding? No doubt, a lot of calories can and will be burned while riding. However, just like any other form of exercise, proper nutrition must be practiced such as tracking macros.

HOW TO BUILD LEG STRENGTH FOR RIDING A HORSE Walking exercises Leg challenges Biking 

Best Whole Body Exercises for Horseback Riding

Exercises for Rider Leg Strength – Standing calf raises – Squats – Sumo squat heel lifts 

GOOD EXERCISES FOR HORSEBACK RIDERS (EXERCISES WITHOUT A HORSE) There are specific exercises you can do to improve fitness for riding.

Lifting weight to help get Equestrian Fit Lift4 has 4 days of weight training workouts to improve upper and lower body strength.

Best Whole Body Exercises for Horseback Riding

Crunches Crunches can be a good way to strengthen and tighten your core.

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