Best Bra Bulge Exercises (Videos Plus a 30 Day Challenge)

If you’re dealing with fat, the good news is there are exercises that can help with bra bulge!

This type of fat may seem unsightly and impossible to get rid of, but in this post, we will discuss several exercises and ways to banish that bulge for good, with healthy habits and proper exercise targeting your problem areas.

Bra bulge is the presence of fat, excess skin, or breast tissue around the bra line.

What Is Bra Bulge?

A lack of exercise and consumption of unhealthy foods makes it easier for our bodies to store and collect additional fats.

What Causes Bra Bulge Or Bra Fat?

The Best Exercises For Bra Bulge At Home Without Equipment


Push-ups are an upper body and core exercise that target areas directly affected by the bra bulge.

An exercise known as a plank is also an effective way of targeting the upper arm and chest areas that result in additional fat around one’s bra band. This exercise is also great for strengthening one’s balance and core.

30 Day Plank Challenge