30 Day Water Challenge for Weight Loss + Printable

This 30-day water challenge for weight loss is exactly what you need to make that difficult but necessary change for losing weight. 30 days, even less is ideal for creating a long-lasting habit.

Give yourself a few days or a week to slowly taper down to only water.

How Much Water Should I Drink In A Day To Lose Weight?

It depends on where you live, how dry is the climate, how much exercising or sweating you are doing, and how much you weigh are some of what you base your answer on.

As a rule of thumb, on average you should drink .5 ounces to 1 ounce of water daily for each pound you weigh.

For me, I start to feel sluggish and wiped out of energy as soon as I get a little dehydrated.

I’ve even started to add some BCAAs to my water first thing in the morning to rehydrate quickly.

I always carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go. These bottles make it easy to refill, stay cold and convenient to throw in your purse.

Healthy Alternatives To Soda

Not too long ago I tried a La Croix Sparkling Water and really liked it.  Most of the time I keep a couple of them in the fridge for when I am in the mood for one.