25 Pomegranate Benefits for Women

Pomegranate benefits for women proved by eating the fresh fruit, pomegranate extract, or other pomegranate supplements may be very surprising for most.

This unusual fruit is quite the powerhouse for improving health.

What is the Pomegranate Fruit?

The pomegranate is a drought tolerant fruit. This fruit grows on a shrub that flowers in the spring and within 6 or 7 months, will have harvestable fruit ready to be enjoyed!  


Pomegranate is a great source of fiber and fiber is great for many things. These include, keeping you regular, slowing down the absorption of fat, and more.

Folate (folic acid)

Folate is great for pregnant women as it prevents fertility issues and birth defects. Reduced risk of cancer and more.

Potassium is great for your heart! It helps to maintain proper heart function, helps to lower your blood pressure and more.


Vitamin C is great for building a healthy immune system, helping reduce oxidative stress, it’s beneficial in weight loss and more.

Vitamin C