23 Plank Workouts to Get Summer Ready

Planks are a fabulous way to improve core strength, get those abs and glutes into shape and actually tone your full body.

These 23 plank workouts at various degrees of difficulty are guaranteed to help you succeed no matter where you are on your road to fitness.

How To Plank With Proper Form

You can start on your knees or even on a forearm plank until you are ready for the standard position.

Plank Workouts:  Beginners

Mark’s Daily Apple:   Mark provides an easy to follow detailed video of proper form and technique for basic plank movements.

Plank Workouts: Intermediate

Darebee: Short on time but you want to get some plank workout into your schedule? Here is a 5 min plank rotation exercise that even includes a timer!

Plank Workouts: Advanced

Shape: Featuring 10 plank exercises with step by step instructions.