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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40 in 2016

top 10 weight loss tips for women over 40

While 2016 was a great year for growth, 2016 was also a great year for Fit Found Me readers to lose weight. There was a lot of talk about protein, collagen, loose skin after losing weight, reasons to workout, motivation to lose weight, weight loss tips, weight lifting for women over 40, among hundreds of other topics.


Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

#10 Have I Found the Secret to Tightening Loose Skin After Losing Weight or Aging?

woman very happy smiling at selfie with fall leaves behind her

There isn’t a woman over 40 who wouldn’t love to have their 20 yr old skin and body back. There is science behind wrinkles and sagging skin that we need to know about. Knowledge is power and this secret I have discovered works! Apparently, by the looks of the popularity of this article, the cat’s out of the bag!




 # 9 Why Lifting Weights is an Absolute Must for Women Over 40

stephanie lifting weights during workout


Many women over 40 started lifting weights for the first time in their lives after reading why it is so crucial to our health. Like many women, I had the fear of looking like a bodybuilder if I focused on building muscle. As always, education is power and the power was in the weights!


#8 Why It’s Impossible for Women Over 40 to Lose Weight: Part 1

woman holding hand to her head standing on scale weighing herself



Women over 40 often feel it’s impossible to lose weight after aging a bit. This article really resonates with so many women over 40 trying to lose weight. It’s true, it is harder now that when we were younger, but it’s really not impossible when applying these simple changes.






#7 Lose Weight by Walking 30 Day Fat Burning Plan

couple congratulating each other on workout completion


Women like you loved this 30 day walking plan to lose an additional pound a week! Pretty easy to fit into the busiest of schedules!




#6 It’s Not Too Late Ab Workout for Women Over 40 + Printable Workout

woman pointing at toned abs


Women over 40 want great abs as much as the 20 somethings! And we can still have great abs even if we are over 40. The popularity of this article proves women like you are working on their abs!




#5 A Letter to the Discouraged Overweight Women Over 40

woman writing letter with flowers beside herToo many women over 40 are discouraged in their weight loss efforts after repeated trying to lose weight with little or no results. This tell it like it is letter to the discouraged was a hit and helped many women get the motivation to work smarter, and sometimes even harder at weight loss.




#4 10 Reasons to Workout Today

lady running on pavement


A big hit on Pinterest as well as overall. People and gyms have contacted me for permission to print this out to post. A great poster for motivation to all to push hard every day.








#3  5 Strategies to Never Miss a Workout Even at Age 40

lady running on treadmill


Consistency in workouts is a crucial key to losing weight and getting fit. The more workouts we miss, the more workouts we will miss. These strategies proved to be a hit for women trying to lose weight in 2016.








#2 Weight Loss Guide for Women Over 40: 7 Habits that Helped Me Lose Weight and Keep it Off

lady walking on beach in swimsuit

The ultimate how to guide straight from another woman over 40 who lost weight. Doesn’t get much easier than this. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and follow this guide.





#1 What You Need to Know About Loose Skin After Losing Weight But Too Afraid to Ask

lady in bikini after losing weight


Great! You’re losing or have lost weight…now what to do about the loose skin left behind. Clearly a lot of women struggle with this one. There are answers and ways to deal with it, without surgery!







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