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This Is What Happens When The Pavement Is Too Hot For Your Dog

It’s summertime! And while your dog is itching for some exciting outside adventures just as much as you are, the hot summer weather comes with certain dangers for your pet.

Of course you know the importance of getting your dog enough water, and giving him an extra brushing to keep him cool. But many owners are unaware of the serious danger that a hot sidewalk or pavement can be for your dog.

The Pavement Is Too Hot!

Especially on the sunniest of days, the pavement, metal, and asphalt surfaces can get extremely hot, which can have painful consequences for your pup’s poor paws. Although cats tend to avoid hot surfaces as much as possible, it’s likely that your dog would rather push through the pain to keep along side you on a walk or to chase an unsuspecting squirrel.

Even as few as 5 minutes can be enough to cause significant damage and burning to your dog’s feet. So it’s up to you to keep an eye out for fluffy’s paws, and make sure that they don’t get hurt. Here are some tips to help you are your furry friend throughout the summer.

Signs That Your Pup Has Burnt His Paws

Sometimes, even after all we can do, our pup can still get burnt feet. Here are some ways you can tell if his paws are hurt.

  • Darker color of pads
  • Limping or prancing on hot pavement
  • Blistering and redness
  • Excessive licking or chewing on paws
  • Missing patches of pads

Some minor burns or injuries can be treated at home with ointments, moisturizers, and protective layers. If the burns are serious, such as blistering or open wounds, contact your vet immediately for further treatment.

How To Prevent Paw Burns

Here are some simple ways you can help your pooch avoid any discomfort of paw burns.

Test The Pavement

Before letting your dog outside, check any paved surfaces to see if they are hot. Place the back of your hand on the surface. If it’s too hot to hold it there for 5 seconds, it’s too hot for your pup.

Exercise In The Cooler Hours

If you’re planning to take your dog out for a walk, make sure to do in the early morning or late evening hours. That way you know any surface your dog walks on will be cool enough for his little feet.

Stay On The Grass

If you have to take your dog out during the hotter hours, make sure to stay on the grass or in the shade as much as possible, where it’s cooler.

Take Extra Care Around Water

Be aware that your dog’s paws will be extra sensitive after spending time in the water. If you’re spending the day at a pool, lake, or river, keep in mind that your pet’s paw pads will be softened and take extra care to pay attention so he doesn’t get burned.

Use Protection

Investing in some special dog booties or dog paw wax is a great way to keep your dog’s feet safe from the scalding surfaces.


Frying an egg on the sidewalk is no joke! Pavement burns can be worse than flame burns in many cases! (1)

So if you wouldn’t send your dog walking across hot coals, don’t let him spend too much time on hot sidewalks or roads! Use some of these helpful tips to keep your pet’s feet in the best condition.

By Emilyn Gil 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.