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The First Animal You Spot Will Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Now be honest… what animal did you see when you first looked at the image? Believe it or not, your mind tricks you into seeing certain things based on your own unique personality, so whatever animal you noticed first can reveal a good deal about you as a person!

The Animals And What They Reveal About You

#1. The Koala

If the Koala happened to be the first animal you saw, then chances are high that you have a personality equally as adorable and cute as this animal. Sweet and funny, you are someone who enjoys getting along with people. Additionally, you tend to enjoy the small joys of life, finding time to appreciate even the tiniest pleasures. You desire to discover happiness everywhere, which is partially why you’re such a cool irresistible person.

#2. The Giraffe

Did you spot the giraffe first? If so, chances are you are someone who believes strongly in higher thinking and simple living. You dream of reaching the stars, yet keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. You are humble and modest, two of your most notable, character-defining traits. You are a true thinker, with thoughts and musings that go well beyond the ordinary mind.

#3. The Elephant

If you noticed the elephant first, then guess what: you have a personality that is larger than life! You are driven by the strong want to succeed, yet you manage to accomplish this in gentle ways, emulating warmth. You have a personality masterfully mixed between greatness and humility, resulting in the incredible combination of a person with outstanding strengths and no desire to flaunt them. You know you are powerful. And you don’t impose your power on others.

#4. The Pig

Ah, but did you see the pig first? Don’t be disappointed! While this may not be the most exotic of options, it means you are a person who is highly adaptable and cunning. In terms of brain power, you have a sharp personality, capable of switching your charm depending on necessity. You generally know what you want in life and you know how to get it. Some might look at you and classify you as shrewd, but your massive intellect is your greatest skill.

#5. The Duck

What if you saw the duck first? Well, you know how a duck appears calm above the water, but below the surface they paddle feverishly to make any progress? This is you. You are the type of person who appears entirely composed on the exterior, efficiently guiding their public emotions, but inside your head the thoughts are churning around vigorously. This makes you naturally secretive, rarely revealing what your inner thoughts are. Not everyone knows you, but those who do treasure the beautiful personality your thoughts create.

#6. The Cat

If you saw the cat first then you are a warrior. You can do almost anything to make it through situations alive, and your killer instincts make you a great fighter. You often prefer to be by yourself and you are not overly bothered by what people have to say or contribute around you. You are confident doing your own thing.

#7. The Owl

Did you see the owl first? If so, then your personality is powerful, wise and calm. This means that you don’t act out rashly in response to things, but rather pick your battles thoughtfully. When you do fight, it is swift and merciless, but intentional and necessary. Your wisdom helps guide you, helping you see through people and their false ways of being. This gives you an advantage, making your keen intelligence your greatest asset.

#8. The Bear

If you saw the bear  first, then you already know you are a powerful and protective person. You know how to be gentle for those you love, but you’re quick to rip apart those who threaten your family. You are acutely aware of your strength without forcing it on other people, since you prefer to keep to yourself unless needlessly provoked… which understandably reveals your inner beast.


So what animal did you see first? Feel free to share with us, we’d love to hear about. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.