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Steve Irwin’s 16-Year-Old Son Is An Award-Winning Photographer And Here Are The Photos To Prove It

Chances are good that if you’re over the age of 25 or so, you not only remember Steve Irwin but you actually miss him, the way you might miss a dearly departed acquaintance. A natural with any animal he encountered, and an equal natural in front of the camera, he was likable and relatable. Watching him on TV, it felt like you knew him. 

He was the Mr. Rogers of the animal world and we were lucky to have him. 

His son Robert was only about a year old when a stingray barb straight to the heart would take his daddy away from him. (1) His little family, sister Bindi and mom Terri, would be left to grieve his sudden loss, and start anew. It was so sad to watch someone so special be taken away from them. From us. 

A lot has happened since 2006. Perhaps you might have wondered over the years how the family has been getting on. Well, please meet Robert Irwin. Robert was just a year old when his dad left this world, and yet he embodies his father as though he’d grown up with him. Steve’s spirit is right there inside of Robert; this kid is most definitely an Irwin.

Robert Irwin, Artist and Conservationist

Unsurprisingly, Robert’s love for the natural world became apparent at a very young age. Thanks to wheels set in motion by his dad, and his mom’s love for all things nature too, he grew up in the nature conservation and zoo keeping realm, working closely with sentient beings of all shapes and sizes. The Irwins own Australia Zoo, which has been a tremendous inspiration and springboard for Robert’s photography and conservation work. In 2016 at the ripe old age of 11 he won junior runner up in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition, and from there the awards just kept coming. (2)

One look at his work, and it’s easy to understand why he wins awards like he does, and has been asked to judge in competitions, in spite of his young age. His eye for framing a shot is spot on, and his love for nature is very clear. 

Dad Would Be So Proud

Like any good Irwin, he’s got a heart of gold too. Robert is really lucky to have found his purpose in life so young, and he’s savvy enough to share it with everyone he can. He’s already raised tens of thousands of dollars for his family’s nonprofit organization called Wildlife Warriors and leveraged his accomplishments into meetings with world leaders who can make a difference in the protection of natural habitat. 


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Australia’s largest bird of prey, the wedge-tailed eagle! So cool to see this massive bird taking off from a dead tree in Outback Queensland.

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Though his preferred artistic medium is photography, Robert’s followed in his dad’s footsteps too.  Appearances in front of the camera on TV, and even published his own book series too. If you watch Jimmy Fallon, you likely already know that Robert is their Resident Animal Presenter. (2)

Robert Irwin. Helping people everywhere fall in love with nature, one photo at a time. Or book, TV show, or celebrity appearance. He is totally Steve Irwin’s kid.

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