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May Staycation in Pictures

Our first break of the summer was a nice relaxing staycation. Madison came from NC to visit, kids were out of school and Andrew took a week off from work!

car ride











Madison’s birthday! She wanted to go to Anasazi’s for her birthday dinner, where they bring individual rocks to cook your steak on, bite by bite…the best steak EVER! The other 2 pictures here are some of the other foods we ate during the week.

dinner pic











Madison and I went for a hike in Snow Canyon State Park just a few minutes from our house. The park is breathtakingly beautiful. It has several hiking trails with different levels of difficulty.

Snow Canyon Park


hike start





Hike pic
























Stopped for a candid with Mr. Cactus…little did we know Madison would stand up with dozens of tiny thorns in her clothes. We pulled most of them off, but not without getting a couple of them stuck in our fingers.

The picture on the right…we were the only 2 people hiking this particular trail. We were really excited to climb up this steep mountain and see the view. About half way we got to this welcoming sign…not sure how a dangerous animal would stay on the other side of this gate if there really were dangerous animals but needless to say, we turned around.

hike danger pic











Pool fun…at night! The kids had about 100 glow sticks that they threw in the pool and wore while they swam and jumped off the rocks. In between swimming were s’mores by the fire.

Glow Sticks pool











Can’t have a staycation without the barn and my horse, Delilah!












The goldens…2 of the 3 (yes, we have 3) love the water. This one laying on the “shelf” loves it most of all.

pool dogs











Girls night. Our intention was dinner and the musical, Peter Pan. Peter Pan was cancelled due to technical reasons, but dinner was great!

Girls night











The view from the restaurant.












A trip out into the desert on the Razr! We drove a few miles to see Dinosaur tracks. It isn’t easy to see in the picture, but beside my foot, much larger than my foot, is a dinosaur track. There is a trail of them. Pretty cool!













That basically sums up our staycation! So many cool things to see and do around here. It is easy to overlook the beauty and fun activities right in your own backyard sometimes.

What are your summer vacation plans?

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