The Pot of Gold at the End of 10,000 Steps for Women Over 40

10,000 steps











Hello friends and Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with great weather to get out and enjoy it with friends and/or family! We had a beautiful Saturday in St George this past weekend. We took care of our errands early so we could drag the kids out of bed for a short hike to Little Black Mountain. If you have teenagers you know how they love to sleep in on Saturdays!

We have learned if we can withstand about half the trip of complaining from the kids, somewhere during the day they will realize how much fun it is. Saturday was just like that. As they both stayed glued to their phones during the drive, we called for a no phone zone and once they began to see the petroglyphs (carvings in rock spanning 6,000 years of Native Americans, Anasazi’s mainly) they were interested, engaged and happy to keep looking for more.

We added about 1 mile to our daily walking tally with that little hike. Add to that a little climbing of the mountain as we ventured off the path a little and it was a nice little get up and move adventure!

10,000 steps











10,000 steps











It’s the little things that can often add up to an active day which helps lead to more active days.

We often hear the 10,000 step goal in the world of fitness and health. What is so great about having 10,000 steps under your belt for the day?

As women over 40, it means a lot for us. Some of us (count me in) struggle with hip and upper thigh weight and thickness. While working on toning and leaning out our hips and thighs, running or walking targets those areas as well as cardiovascular health and overall caloric burn.

No doubt, 10,000 steps is a lot. It is around 5 miles depending on your personal step. If you are new to exercise and walking or running, start off with a smaller goal and work into 10,000 steps. Maybe start with 4,000 steps a day. Move up to 6,000 after a few days, 8,0000 after a few more days and after about 2 weeks of working at this, aim for 10,000 steps.

For women over 40, walking or jogging, will help tone your legs and and burn over all calories. While reaching your step goal is a great achievement, it is not an answer for all of your fitness needs. Our muscles are smart and they learn to adjust if we don’t change things up to keep them working.

While it is true that when you are exercising and burning more calories you need to eat more, the choices of what to eat must be much healthier or you will not see any difference on the scales or in the way your clothes fit. Protein and meal replacement shakes are a great way to make sure to get the right quantity and quality of foods.

Try to find some fun/inconspicuous ways to get the 10,000 steps into your daily life.

Get on the treadmill while watching a favorite show.
Invite a neighbor to go for a walk.
Park farther from the door at the store.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Go for a hike.
Walk while your child rides their bike.

Get creative! Have fun!

Make walking or running 10,000 steps a part of your fitness plan today.

Already getting in 10,000 steps a day? Please comment below on how you fit it into your schedule.


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